Nicole Kidman Swears by Hot Baths and Sleepytime Tea as a Form of Self-Care

The "Undoing" actress discusses the benefits of dimming the lights in her home before bed, and how some mornings require a "bone-dry" cappuccino.

Miu Miu coat; Falke socks; Celine by Hedi Slimane shoes. Photographed by Colin Dodgson; Styled by Sara Moonves.

Without a doubt, 2020 has been the year of wellness and self-care becoming obligatory, if it wasn’t already. We have spent more time being conscientious about using vitamin C and zinc supplements than seeking out a new lipstick or concealer. Talk therapy, meditation, and other self-care practices have taken precedence to help us become our healthiest possible selves. And as far as wellness routines go, we can’t think of anyone else’s routine we’d rather be privy to than Nicole Kidman’s. The film icon, who became the subject of the internet’s obsession for her role in the HBO miniseries The Undoing this fall, spoke with W about her current wellness regimen—as well as her new venture with Sera Labs by Seratopical’s anti-aging CBD skincare line. Kidman will not just be serving as the typical brand ambassador. She’ll be a strategic partner, working side by side with experts to develop new products to meet the beauty and wellness needs of women across the globe. Below, she details her new beauty alliance as well as some insight into the practices and routines that have been ideal for her during the past few months.

What is your approach to wellness these days? What does your typical morning routine consist of?

Depending on where I am, each morning can look a little different, but there are definitely a few key staples to my routine. To get myself energized for the day I start with a workout, usually a run. Then I’ll take a long hot shower, apply my Seratopical skincare routine and moisturize my body. Then I’ll wake up the kids and we’ll have breakfast together—I always drink tons of water and a bone-dry cappuccino to start off the day. This is all before I even turn on my phone. Whether I am due to be on set or enjoying a restful day at home with my family, I like to start my day with this ritual.

What made you decide to align yourself with this company in particular?

The brand is passionate about fostering women leaders within the company, and there’s also the science factor—SeraLabs works tirelessly to develop their products with the highest-quality ingredients, which have fantastic benefits like anti-aging. Most importantly, I saw there was a gap in the beauty market where this could be beneficial to a lot of people.

Are there certain daily supplements that you’ve always been loyal to?

I take Swisse vitamin C effervescent tablets daily, as well as a vitamin D supplement. I try to drink matcha green tea quite regularly, and some days I make it in latte form, with frothed almond milk which is something that I love.

In terms of Eastern medicinal practices for wellness, are you a fan of acupuncture?

Absolutely. I love acupuncture—it’s something I’ve been doing since I was about 17 years old.

Sleep and winding down at the end of the day is important in general, but especially as of late. How do you unwind at the end of the day and get into a proper sleep rhythm?

A hot bath—I love a taking one with a hot cup of tea next to me. I’ve now become a huge fan of drinking [Celestial brand] Sleepytime tea, and sometimes I take Swisse Collagen Sleep Powder, which can be a really lovely to get ready for a good night’s rest.

I also try to dim the lights in the house before starting my bedtime routine, which has proven to be pretty effective.

You’ve had access over the years to renowned hair and makeup experts. If you could pick one beauty lesson have you learned from them, what would it be?

A staple in my makeup routine is to immediately curl the lashes—it instantly makes my eyes wake up. I’ve also loved using a massage gun while in the makeup chair on set, and a little scalp massage to awaken the head and face muscles.

You consistently pick projects that are fascinating, moving, and always artistic. The staff at W collectively became obsessed with The Undoing, like the rest of the internet. Did you know while you were shooting that the series would be such a phenomenon?

Our hope was that viewers would join the Frasers on this crazy ride, but it has truly exceeded our expectations. When I read the first two scripts that David Kelley sent over, I was immediately invested in the story and I am so happy audiences felt the same way. The energy surrounding the finale was truly unlike anything I have been a part of before.

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