It's easy to get lost in Salone del Moblie's 1,738,845 square foot convention center in Rho, but some of the best finds lie closer to town. Ventura Lambrate, Zona Tortona, and Brera feel like the after parties to the main event--in the best way. Here's what the cool kids of Salone were showing:

I. Ventura Lambrate
Emerging as the "third" design district after a big debut last year, the Dutch organization Ventura Lambrate rounded up young, international talent in one huge industrial space just outside the center of town. It's the realm of the newcomers, but also the designers that are willing and able to take the most risks.


II. Zona Tortona
Zona Tortona is a packed warren of streets littered with indie pubs and colorful flyers advertising the latest products and that night's parties--and it seems that every store and space has something to see. The brands are much more established than Ventura, but still decidedly edgy, befitting of the gritty, hipper-than-thou environs.


III. Brera Design District
Brera Design District, based in the historic center of Milan, is the more polished (read: expensive) hub of the design world. The crowded neighborhood is home to the highest concentrations of showrooms, stores, and design events during the already busy week.


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