As a rule, uninvited guests are not welcome at fashion week events. The exception to the rule, it turns out, is Pamela Anderson.

On Thursday night, the iconic Baywatch babe and newfound fashion icon showed up somewhat unexpectedly at an intimate fashion week dinner at The Spotted Pig, hosted by jewelry designer Alexis Bittar and Ms Mr musician Lizzy Plapinger. While Anderson may not have received an invite, the crowd, which included It girls Kate Foley and Chelsea Leyland, models Ashley Smith and Charlie Barker, and musicians Ryn Weaver and ASTR's Zoe Silverman, were more than happy to make room.

Anderson made quite the entrance, arriving after the appetizer course wearing retro, pointy black sunglasses, a printed coat, and a fitted black dress accessorized with a pile of her famous blonde hair. She immediately walked over to Luke Gilford, the photographer and filmmaker who directed Anderson in his short film, "Connected."

Quickly, guests were whispering amongst themselves: "OMG she looks amazing." "I'm obsessed with her." "Do you think she heard me?"

Anderson seemed unfazed, and happily took a seat next to Gilford.

While this is likely the only fashion week event Anderson will be crashing, it isn't the only one she'll attend. She flew in from the Toronto Film Festival, and has a handful of charity events later in the week. "I'll be at a few shows," she said, adjusting her vintage lace opera-length gloves and opening up her printed coat. "Alexander Wang and a vegan designer. Christian... something. He was on Project Runway." (The last name is Siriano, and in her defense it was quite warm inside the cozy restaurant.)

Anderson's son Dylan Jagger Lee will be joining her at Alexander Wang. But he won't be wearing pieces by the designer. And although Anderson says her son has "more clothes than he knows what to do with," thanks to his modeling career, this week he's decked out entirely in clothes by "Aunty Vivienne." That, for those who don't know, is Vivienne Westwood, the provocative and eccentric British fashion designer who owned the legendary London boutique Worlds End. Westwood has long been a fan of Anderson, she has called her a muse and even cast her in the brand's Fall 2009 ad campaign. "He has no idea how cool she is," Anderson said with a laugh. "He interned for Vivienne Westwood one summer and he was like 'Mom, why does aunt Vivienne has a red mohawk? One day, he'll be like 'Mom, did you know she invented punk rock?' And I'll be like 'Yeah, mom was cool, didn't you know?'"

Anderson, like her son, will be wearing Westwood all week. "Everywhere I go, I have a closet of Vivienne Westwood--she sends it!" she laughed, before making her exit, much to the disappointment of the her dining companions/fans. And with that, Anderson and Gilford were off to the next surprise location. The only question is, if anyone was expecting them.

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