Design freaks are going gaga for Case Scenario’s Pantone iPhone and iPad cases. Case Scenario, the Monaco-based company that produces phone and computer accessories, is the latest venture for company owner Riccardo Giraudi, an entrepreneur who "wanted to do something completely creative," he says. "This seemed like a good opportunity to explore a new field.”


While on a shopping trip to Paris, Giraudi was tooling around one of his favorite design stores and came across a set of Pantone mugs. “I immediately knew it was a licensed product. It was the perfect fit for Case Scenario.” Other motifs produced by the company include Keith Haring and the French artist Ben Vautier.


When the company first posted images on its website of the Pantone iPhone case collection, they were inundated with requests. “They were all from creative types: fashion, art, design studios, architects,” explains Giraudi. And while the collection is all about color, Giraudi and his team decided to include an option in black, which, perhaps not too surprisingly, has been the best seller in Paris where it’s available at Colette. “Phones are accessories now,” says Giraudi. “We’re always carrying them around, so why shouldn’t they match your look?”

Since Case Scenario has plans to release new colors in tandem with the fashion calendar, you can rest assured that your iPhone will always be in fashion.

Available exclusively in the U.S. at The Webster Miami, and coming soon to