Even before it began, the Philipp Plein show was a spectacle. The show was held in CityLife Palace, during Milan Fashion Week, and decked out like a children’s carnival (what is it with designers and carnivals lately?), complete with small houses, oversized mushrooms, and a flying swing ride at the center. There were actual children running around, all in studded mini leather jackets for the sake of authenticity. There were also shirtless, beefy male models doing mundane tasks: washing cars (and their own torsos), trimming fabric hedges, and delivering milk. Oh, and ogling the models, who wore necklaces in lieu of shirts, strappy thigh-high sandals, and micro-skirts.

But it was the evening’s surprise guests – Fergie, who opened the show with a performance; Fat Joe, who closed with “All the Way Up”; and Paris Hilton, who walked the runway – who stole the show.

Backstage, these celebrity guests were mobbed by fans desperate for a selfie. No one more so than Paris Hilton, who insisted on making sure anyone who asked for one, got it. Also, those who didn’t ask, too. “Yeah, you can take a picture, that’s cool,” Hilton mumbled under her breath, as a fan sans permission pushed his way next to her for a photo op.

Keep smiling appeared to be her motto. “I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, though,” Hilton said softly, when her bodyguard tried to remove her from the crowd. “Like there’s a TV person right there.”

The same went for saying positive things. One reporter with a microphone and video camera asked Hilton two back-to-back questions: “How did you like the best show in the world? Philipp Plein is genius. It’s only the first day of fashion week but it’s already the highlight, we don’t need to wait to the end, that’s the highlight of the fashion week in Milan, don’t you agree?”

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Hilton did, in fact, agree. “It always is," she said. "Philipp Plein is a genius. He’s a visionary. I love everything he does, I love his brand. And I thought tonight was one of the most insane, crazy, beautiful fashion shows I’ve ever been in in my life.”

This writer, somehow, managed to refrain from taking a selfie with the heiress. But I did ask her what her favorite part of the show was. “My favorite part was having Fergie there,” Hilton said. “We’ve been friends since we were teenagers, when I was 15, so to see her up there just killing it just made me feel so happy for her. She’s so beautiful.”

And back to it. Someone else grabbed her for a selfie. “You’re welcome!” she said (he did not say thank you). “Sorry it’s so crowded!”

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