Philipp Plein

Paris Hilton, Philipp Plein, and Alec Monopoly at the Plein Sport party at Milan Fashion Week Men’s Fall 2017 in Milan, Italy, January 2017.

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Chazelle, Damien

Dipping his toe into prestige television with a new (musical) series, The Eddy, about a Paris club. So... La La Land.

La La Land star Emma Stone proves her vocal mettle with "I Will Survive":

DeMarco, Mac

All grown up? The short answer: Maybe. In any case, he has a new record, a Los Angeles home, and an immaculate pool.

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The story behind a revealing series of 1957 portraits of couturier Christian Dior, as documented by Lord Snowdon—the late photographer and earl, born Tony Armstrong-Jones.

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The luxury festival, whose tickets ranged from $4,000 to $12,000 and which promised a completely catered experience including chartered flights and yacht rides, is off to a bit of a chaotic start. (And even that might be an understatement.)

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Plein, Philipp

After his New York Fashion Week debut, German designer Philipp Plein is taking on Cannes, showing his first Resort collection at his own villa in the south of France. Plein is also the latest designer to launch a design partnership with a street artist—graffitist Alec Monopoly teamed up with Plein for a capsule collection, also to debut at Cannes.

Trump, Donald

Turns out, this whole leader-of-the-free-world thing is a little tougher than Donald Trump had anticipated. Who can blame him: He just had "so many things going" in his previous life.

Wainwright, Rufus

Signed, sealed, delivered.