[#image: /photos/58538df66666b2eb4762dbb2]||||||[#image: /photos/58538df7e3d613c03e1ebe4e]||||||Three looks from Marc Jacobs.

Last season,
Marc Jacobs went for an accessories overload on the runway, each model layered up in belts, bangles and bags. At his fall show, however, Jacobs didn't just cut back on invites; he also pared down the accoutrements, sprinkling in just a necklace here or a bag there. Still, quality trumped quantity: Hot-pink booties, electric blue heels and patterned stocking boots—some of them paired with matching bags—added a just-right touch to his ode to the Eighties.

[#image: /photos/58538df7c7188f9b26c92e72]||||||Photos: Steve Eichner.

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