Rainer Judd for Rag and Bone

Rainer Judd for Rag & Bone

Not far from her father, minimalist master Donald Judd’s townhouse-turned-museum in SoHo, Rainer Judd is festooning the façade of Rag & Bone’s Houston Street boutique with pages from her diary. Running through the beginning of February, the two-month-long project began with Judd handing over her artful journals to the brand’s creative team, who culled a selection of entries to share. “When it started out I didn’t know how interesting it would be,” explains Judd, who braved freezing temperatures to install a new page every three days. “It was enlightening to see what connected. ” Whimsical and striking, her journals are filled with poems, phrases, and paint streaks, all of which offer a window into her imagination. Her first adventure into pasting, Judd hit a learning curve, but it was nothing her friend Marc Azoulay, who serves as studio manager for the artist JR, couldn’t help her with. “We borrowed their scaffolding every time [we installed],” says Judd. Attracting a following on Instagram and a flurry of spray painted tags, the conversational aspect of the project engaged Judd the most. “I’m a real advocate of journaling, I realize,” she says. “If I could I would just give blank books away.” We’d prefer she lend us a chapter out of her beautiful book instead.