Nathan Baker

Exhibition view, Nathan Baker, Chevron, 2013. Courtesy of the artist and RH Contemporary Art. Photo credit: Adam Reich.

Even if bigger is not necessarily better, it has its benefits. And if you are a multibillion-dollar global company like Restoration Hardware, why get in the contemporary art game the start-up way—i.e., a makeshift gallery in a fixer-upper neighborhood with a quirky Tumblr page and a tiny roster of artist friends—when you can open up shop with a six-story, 28,000-square foot space in the heart of New York’s Chelsea gallery district? On Saturday, November 9, the RH Contemporary gallery will launch with a new arts journal, an online gallery, and an artist-in-residence program—not to mention five separate solo shows (five!) featuring emerging artists Samantha Thomas, Natasha Wheat, Peter Demos, Toby Christian, and Nathan Baker. Get to know their work—and the first iteration of RH Contemporary, which is already planning to open an L.A. space next year—right now. Because while it’s true you can’t buy taste, you can certainly get those who make it to pay attention.

RH Contemporary is located at 437 W. 16th St. in New York.