As you'll find in your September horoscope, this month brings with it a real sense of order and purpose, which we'll feel right after the new supermoon in Virgo on the last day of August. What has seemed materially unattainable all summer will again feel possible. Our big ambitions will be renewed. And around the full moon in Pisces, which happens on September 14, a communication channel with the people closest to us will open. Be brave and reveal—that's the motto as we go into fall.

Yours in the stars and on Earth,
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You'll attempt to become a bit of a machine this month as you power through projects at work. While you'll be successful there, don't forget to check in with yourself and with friends especially. Your ambition is boundless, however, at times you forget to attend to your emotional needs. The full moon in Pisces mid-month will be an opportunity to open up about something really painful. Even if you can't envision talking about it with someone else, make sure you have a conversation with yourself. Take some time to reflect and write about it. It doesn't matter who will read it. It could be no one.


Your seemingly endless endurance will be tested this month when you have too many work commitments than there are hours in the day. You will reach a point when you have to decide what your real priorities are, because until you do, you will lose all of the energy reserves you have (which in your case are usually plentiful). A late summer romance may turn serious and you will need to question what your priorities are. Do you really want to sacrifice stability for passion? The answer may be yes, but it will take you a while to get there. In the meantime, an even newer love interest will enter the scene, which will test your energy even more.


Strangely, you've been feeling a need for more order in your life. This has to do with the energy coming in from the new supermoon in Virgo. It's a good time to think about introducing things to your daily routine or making small shifts in the day-to-day that will have great impact over time. This month, you'll perceive several close friends as disappointing you. Instead of resorting to silence or full-on deflection, as you're known to do, try to be honest and ready for some difficult conversations. Your feelings might be understandable, but only to you, if you choose to be a mystery to others.


September will be a quiet month. Not in terms of work, which will be raging, and not in terms of romance, which will be there. Not in terms of your home life either, which will be building upon strong foundations to make an even more beautiful domestic respite. But overall, a sense of calm will fall over you for most of the month, letting you ease into yourself in a way you may not be used to. So what will you do with all of this newfound peace? You will potentially waste it caring for others and caring about what others think. Take this as a cautionary message: Use this space to believe in yourself, reach new heights, and become someone better.


Many people will feel the need to give you advice this month. There will be more voices than you know what to do with. Trust your Leo intuition and remember that some of these people may not know your long-term plans—the plans that have to do with dreams you've shared with no one. September will require making more room for your imagination. For other signs it may feel like a return to routine and order, but you'll be left wanting more possibility and more of the new. If you allow yourself to feel this way without judgment, this energy will manifest in your actions, and by mid-fall you will be presented with a career opportunity that's impossible to see now.


Things have been moving along beautifully for some time now. Last month brought you good things in terms of building intimacy in your relationships. Some solid effort at work has made you even more indispensable to your boss and co-workers, and generally everyone is really enjoying your company. You may not completely believe this, though, and something may be nagging at you that things aren't perfect. Part of this is your eternal drive for perfection, but otherwise you may be right. Contentment is about total harmony and all of your passions satisfied. Do you have that now? Only you can be sure.


Doubt will be at the center of September. This doubt will have to do with how you feel about what's actually important and where your life is going, rather than something concrete at work. It will be a very existential month for you, Libra. Your usual distractions of entertaining others and making some corner of your apartment perfect won't work. Think of this time as a therapy session with yourself. The full moon in Pisces mid-month is a good time to approach someone you've wanted to say something deeply revealing to, but have feared rejection. Be honest with your desires. It may feel like everyone is expecting you to put on a show but your life isn't the show. It's real.


One personal quality that you certainly do not lack is endurance. This month, you will be plugging away to make sure things you need to do for your work get done in a timely manner. As always, you have very strong professional goals and are ready to make them a reality. They may take some finessing that you aren't used to, which involves stretching the truth a bit to make sure certain egos are stroked. Although it will feel burdensome and you'll hate doing it, remember it's all for a good cause: your future.


You will feel like there isn't enough time. You will lament not having traveled enough and not having pursued a relationship from the past, one that is far from you now. This isn't the best use of your energy, which, at your best, has to do with creating a realm of possibility no one imagined. Veer away what will be easy this month—regret and small-scale confrontations with friends. There is a dream you've been working toward secretly—perhaps not as much as you'd like, but you have it. Look at it in the eye every night this month. Just know that it's there.


Some love feelings at the end of the summer may be making their way into fall. Because you can often be cut off from how you really feel, it's a good time to take stock of exactly what these emotions are and if they're something you should pursue long-term. You probably will chose love, but it's going to take some deep soul searching to get there (and you probably won't this month). As for work (we know you were waiting for this part), new opportunities are on the horizon. They are things that you made happen long ago. Just keep being yourself and you will see them in full view.


September will feel like a clearing of bad communication, especially with family. You will have the urge to be open, but also direct, in all aspects of your life. Between the new moon in Virgo at the start of the month, and the full moon in Pisces mid-month, focus your energy on building trust between you and your closest person. It's a good time to do this work, as you're particularly receptive right now. The past is over with. It will never happen. Keep telling yourself that if you find you're resorting to one of your more aloof, unreadable states of mind.


You had a setback last month, but you're getting stronger daily. Support from friends and family has been crucial. The good news is that they will continue to be there for you, as they are readier than ever to pay you back after all of the support you have shown them (and they don't see it as transactional). You have been going deep into your psyche for many months now, discovering new things about your relationship to the universe. This month will be no different. You will uncover beautiful things about yourself and how important you are to everyone around you and the world in general.

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