Shia LaBeouf's anti-Donald Trump live stream can't catch a break. The art project He Will Not Divide Us" was originally intended to run continuously for the next four years at the New York's Museum of the Moving Image, but the project was shut down over safety concerns. LaBeouf found a new home for the project, but he has had to curb the hours once more after shots were fired in the nearby area.

The incident occurred in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where "He Will Not Divide Us" had found a new home at the historic El Rey Theater. Even in the laidback and notoriously artsy town, the simple project (participants are encouraged to chant the titular refrain as often as they want into a webcam) has run into troubles.

LaBeouf announced the second suspension of the live stream on Twitter, explaining: "We have taken the stream down after shots were reported in the area. The safety of everybody participating in our project is paramount." Beyond LaBeouf's tweet, details on the incident are scarce, as no official reports or police statements have emerged. TMZ reports that the shots were fired early Thursday morning, just a block away from the installation space. No one was reportedly in front of the camera at the time.

"He Will Not Divide Us" began the day of Trump's inauguration and was intended to last until the end of his presidency. Instead, its month-long tenure has been mired in difficulties, particularly the Museum of Moving Image's abandonment of the project. The move came shortly after LaBouef was captured on the live stream pushing a neo-Nazi who shouted "Hitler did nothing wrong" at the Jewish actor. LaBouef was arrested. At the time, LaBeouf and project collaborators Rönkkö & Turner strongly condemned the museum's handling of the situation, writing on their website, "From the outset, the museum failed to address our concerns about the misleading framing of our piece as a political rally, rather than as a participatory performance artwork resisting the normalization of division. In fact, the museum demonstrated a spectacular lack of judgement."

"He Will Not Divide Us" has reportedly given the all-clear by police, so the live stream is free to resume, but has yet to do so. It's unclear when, or if, it will.

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