On Sunday night, Kanye West debuted the music video for his "Life of Pablo" single, "Fade," at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. (Only after a four minute speech, of course.) West does not make an appearance in the video, however. Instead, the star is 25-year-old Teyana Taylor, who West signed to his GOOD Music label in 2012.

In "Fade," Taylor makes viewers' jaws drop as she flexes Flashdance style in nothing but a sports bra and thong, which highlights her absolutely killer, super athletic body. And despite the video taking place in a fitness studio, there's more sweaty gyrating than working out. Let's call it Kanye's new new workout plan.

Taylor's husband, Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player Iman Shumpert, also makes an appearance in the video for a very sensual shower scene.

Born in Harlem, New York, one of Taylor's first forays into the spotlight was on MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen, so she's really come full circle. Her first video appearance though was in 2007, when she was a background dancer for Jay Z's "Blue Magic." And in 2008, she debuted her first single, which was appropriately titled: "Google Me."

West connected with Taylor in 2010 while he was in the studio working on "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy." Taylor told Complex, that he originally sought her fashion advice for the video, but she was determined for him to notice her singing chops, too, so she hummed along. "I knew what I was doing," she said. And it worked; West put her in the background.

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Below, a closer look at the mother, actress, singer, and dancer.

It's important to note that Taylor was pregnant a mere 36 weeks ago.

And that this is what she looked like SIX DAYS after giving birth to her daughter, Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr..

This is her first child with Shumpert.

And the kid already has friends in high places.

If there's anything thing we learned from Taylor's Instagram though, it's why Kanye West went to her for fashion advice.

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