Part 2 of
Sasha Filimonov's Gossip Girl diary. (Filimonov, a former intern at
W magazine, managed to get herself cast as an extra on the show.) Read her earlier entry HERE.


After one theater scene involving a "full audience," meaning all of the extras were used, I was descending the stairs when I heard someone singing a little ditty. I turned to see an off-camera Vanessa and her handler singing and laughing together with Nate. I had to focus on not tripping over my dress to just make it down the stairs alive. The trio seemed so sprightly and charming, not like the jaded starlets of yesteryear a la Loco Lohan or Mushy Barton.


Just like everyone else, I will be forced to wait for all of the juicy details...

Check back tomorrow for the third and final entry by our Gossip Girl spy.

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