In the past six months, the Park Avenue Armory has played host to everything from a room full of balloons to 30-plus professional mourners, enlisted by the artists Martin Creed and Taryn Simon, respectively. Now, the cavernous Manhattan space has a new set of artist-occupiers: there are no less than 13 variations of Cate Blanchett, broadcast on larger-than-life screens that also act as the Drill Hall's only light source through January 8.

The casting call is courtesy of the writer and director Julian Rosefeldt for his latest project, Manifesto, a cinematic installation that’s woven 50-plus artistic statements from 20th-century figures like Jim Jarmusch, Sol LeWitt, and André Breton into 13 separate monologues. Whether she is playing a scientist, a broker, an anchor, a punk, or a homeless man, Blanchett’s there to read them all — occasionally at the same time. Thanks to the hordes of Instagrammers keeping the Cates company, hear some of what they have to say, here.

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