Showtime premieres the limited series revival of Twin Peaks in less than a month, and so far what we know about it can be summed up with the fact that, well, it's a limited series revival of Twin Peaks on Showtime. There's been no on-set photos releases, no plot summary, and certainly not a traditional trailer. Playing to the mystery inherent in the show, Twin Peaks and creator David Lynch are playing up the hype instead of giving us much new material.

In lieu of a regular teaser trailer, the Twin Peaks YouTube channel has been releasing some trailers that make use of footage from the original series and its movie prequel Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

The latest released this weekend, titled "The Darkness of Future Past," is a succinct summation of the Twin Peaks story so far, beginning with the discovery of Laura Palmer's body and including some of the show's more infamous supernatural scenes (of course, if you're playing catch up with the original show, there's some mild spoilers).

Yet, if you watch it until the very end there's definitely something we haven't seen before.

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Yes, folks, that eerie atmosphere tracking shot of a forrest appears to be totally new. Who knows if it will actually appear in the new season or if it was just shot to accompany these videos, but whatever the case it's definitely the first new Twin Peaks-related footage the world has seen in 25 years. Sure, "Confirmed: Creepy Vibe and Trees to Return For Twink Peaks Revival" isn't much of a scoop, but it does underline how little we know.

The only other major information we have is that most of the original cast will be returning (though, it still hasn't been confirmed that all of them will even be playing their original characters), and a good chunk of new actors will be brought into the universe.

That list includes everyone from frequent Lynch collaborator Laura Dern to Ivy George, the young actress who just played Dern's daughter on Big Little Lies. Michael Cera, Sky Ferreira, Amanda Seyfried, Naomi Watts and Balthazar Getty are also among the new comers.

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