We canvassed the office to find out what our editors are doing—and eating—to stay in shape this January, and while some answers were comprised of a sarcastic “nachos and beer,” we’re happy to report that there are more than a few fitness buffs at W eager to share their plans for a fitness comeback.

“I am doing a morning boot camp class at the Health and Fitness Annex in my neighborhood twice a week at seven in the morning. It’s hard but amazing!” —Claudia Mata, Executive Jewelry and Accessories Editor

“I'm on a Frank Lipman cleanse and have signed up for Barry’s Bootcamp classes in addition to spin at David Barton Gym. I hate my life and love it simultaneously.” —William Kahn, Accessories Editor


“My mom sent me a case of Vital Choice Wild Red Pacific Sockeye Salmon. I’ve been eating that over spinach with a squeeze of lemon for lunch. For like, two weeks.” —Jeanine Celeste Pang, Associate to the Editor-in-Chief


“I’ve been making a point of trying out all the great classes at the Equinox near my house. The variety keeps me from getting bored, and if I ever find myself feeling a bit lazy, the promise of a nice long steam after working out is enough to get me in the door. I also kick-started the year with a three-day Cooler Cleanse. The first day was tough, but now I find myself missing my daily green juice.” —Virginia VanZanten, Associate Editor

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“I spent the entire break running with my mom’s new labrodoodle, and in January, I began Athlete’s Camp at Pier 60. It’s a totally different experience than my normal routine of Bari, Pilates, and running. We rock climb, play basketball, and do different exercises to help posture and balance. It’s been really fun! I’ve also been doing the Dr Frank Lipman cleanse to expel all the desserts, chips, and queso I consumed during break.” —Karla Martinez, Fashion Market and Accessories Director


“I’ve tried to stop eating processed foods and to slow down when I eat. I usually eat so fast (faster than my husband, faster than my kids) and I’m trying to be mindful of every bite, and to stop when I feel full.” —Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director

“Loving doing my Yoga at Strala Yoga downtown. There is a ‘relax’ class and a ‘strong’ class. I have taken both, and the names of the classes are right on. This is a great way to separate your mind from work stress, and take time to focus on your body.”—Ashley Consiglio, Assistant Bookings Director


“I’m starting Bari class with W Associate Editors Nora Milch and Felicia Garcia-Rivera. The bounce class is really fun!”—Sam Milner, Senior Fashion Market Editor

“As a year-long, outdoor-only runner, I find the winters in NYC particularly challenging. So I signed myself up for a March 18th half-marathon, which means I’m forced to do all my training this winter—no excuses! I’m not very good about gear, but I love my Mizuno Inspire sneakers and my Adidas Sennheiser PMX 680 Sports headphones. The latter wraps around the back of your neck but feels super-light, and it endures even the most brutal weather and wind conditions. Wish I could say the same for myself!”—Vanessa Lawrence, Fashion Writer