[#image: /photos/58539ba8c7188f9b26c9331f]||||||The New York Times includes Tila Tequila tweets of Casey Johnson's untimely death in their coverage. Tequila cycles through the five stages of grief in record breaking time. Guest of Guest

Larry Gagosian throws MarLo and engagement party that looks a lot like a wedding. But hold on, it was just a very chic party with a wedding cake. The anticipation mounts! The Cut

Did you know that Miuccia marched for peace wearing YSL in the 70s? Or that her husband Patrizio smashed the mirrors in Miu Miu's NYC store "because they make everybody look fat". (Something we've long suspected). According to Opera Chic, this tasteful trivia and much more is in Gian Luigi Paracchini's unauthorized biography of Miuccia, Vita Prada (Prada Life, published in Italy by Baldini Castoldi Dalai). The book came out just before Christmas and became an instant sensation. No word on English translations. Opera Chic

What trends are sure to be bankable bets for 2k10? Fashion forecasters predict: Alice in Wonderland chic, Brazil via the world cup or Lorezo Martone, health-infused beauty, and Forever 21. But please feel free to hazard a guess. Jezebel via the LA Times

"Some days just f***ing suck." But you gotta come back the next day." Kelly Cutrone while giving her staff a pre-fashion week pep talk as seen in the teaser for her new highly addictive reality show, Kell on Earth. Fashionista