The four national co-chairs of the Women's March on Washington — Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, and Bob Bland — were among 13 protesters arrested during the #DayWithoutAWoman march in New York Wednesday. The Women's March Twitter account posted a photo of the organizers, as well as activists like Paola Mendoza and Cassady Fendlay, in the back of a police van around 1:45, shortly after their arrest; they have been taken to the 7th Precinct on Manhattan's Lower East Side, according to the official Women's March account, which called for supporters to "show solidarity" outside the precinct building.

As noted in The Fader, reporter Isaac Saul live-tweeted the event — by his account, the march arrived at the Trump International Hotel, the site of a President's Day protest just two weeks ago, where marchers were met with orders to disperse from the New York City Police Department. When they stood their ground, blocking traffic around Columbus Circle, 13 marchers were arrested for disorderly conduct.

"We are blocking traffic as a form of civil disobedience in Columbus Circle (outside Trump Hotel)," the Women's March Twitter account posted at 1:35 p.m. Wednesday; 10 minutes later, it updated with an image showing the march organizers in the back of a police van. In a statement to the Hollywood Reporter, a Women's March representative emphasized that this was a peaceful demonstration. (The march organizers could not be reached for comment.)

In the weeks and months since the Women's March on Washington — which garnered the highest attendance of any protest in U.S. history — its national co-chairs and fellow activists have continued to organize events, programming, protests, and marches surrounding the current presidential administration, as well as constantly updating its social media presence. Wednesday's march on the Trump International Hotel is one of two major marches taking place in Manhattan — protesters are gathering at Washington Square Park at 4 p.m. for an additional rally and march.