The Best Bath Salts, Bubbles and Bombs for a Soothing Soak

Time to fill up the tub, light a candle and pour yourself a glass of wine.

by Eleonore Condo

the actress Marion Cotillard wearing a towel and stepping out of a bathtub
Marion Cotillard photographed by Juergen Teller for W Magazine.

Not to be dramatic, but I feel as if my entire existence has led me to recommend these bath products to you. I’m a staunch advocate for the bath; I think it’s the best place to think and relax, a fantastic place to recover from a strenuous day or a tough workout. It’s also a terrific location for reading a play, which often can be read from start to finish with one dry hand throughout the course of a single soak–just a suggestion! Baths are always a productive use of your time, even if you’re simply floating there. At their most basic, they will get you clean, and at their most opulent, they may just change your whole life (I suppose I did go dramatic there). Here is a selection of all the accouterments for the perfect bath, from fluffy bubbles to fluffy towels.

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For a Nostalgia Trip

Remember those bath oil beads from the ’90s? These bath drops from Fur, formulated with skin-nourishing oils, feel like an update on the classic.

The Gift the Keeps on Giving

Unlike most bath products, these woodsy sachets are reusable. Add one of the Japanese hinoki cypress-filled cotton bags to your soak, then dry them out for next time.

The Discovery Set

I love Kneipp’s bath oils so much it’s hard to pick a favorite. Luckily they offer a sampler with all 10 of them. The Eucalyptus oil is a hero if you’re trying to get rid of a pesky cold.

A Bath and a Show

Perfect for the maximalist bather, Lush bath bombs always deliver an exciting show of color, fragrance, and sometimes glitter.

For Supple Skin

This bubble bath creates frothy, voluminous bubbles formulated with skin-soothing mallow and a relaxing lavender aroma. And there’s just something so elegant about the glass bottle and patterned label.


Soak with the mineral bath salts, lather up with the redwood-scented body wash and natural luffa, and moisturize with their sea buckthorn face and body oil: all the tools for an evening of self-care are at your disposal in this vibrant set.

Best for Post-Workout

Every time I lower myself into a post-workout bath, I like to imagine I’m an Olympic athlete whose body is their instrument. Weleda’s bath milk is ideal for maintaining my delusions and easing my sore muscles.

For Post-Bath Moisture

Because hot water tends to dry out your skin, what you apply after your bath is just as important as what you use during it. Kate McLeod’s all-natural body stone, formulated with cocoa butter and a blend of nourishing oils, glides easily over warm skin and provides a healthy dose of hydration.

All the Trimmings

There’s no surer way to level up your bath game than a tray. This elegant walnut option provides a dry surface for any reading material and has a clever notch for your water (or wine) glass.

For that Ritzy Feeling

One of my favorite parts of baths is wrapping myself in a fluffy towel afterward. Parachute’s newest line of organic cotton towels are soft and fast-drying—go for their extra-large bath sheet and you’ll feel like you’re at your very own fancy hotel.

Perfect for Spa Night

Ideal for gifting, everything about these bath salts from Costa Brazil is luxurious, from the shimmering packaging to the intoxicating scent of Brazilian vetiver to the silkiness it imparts on your skin.

For a Grounding Experience

This powder, which you’re meant to sprinkle over the surface of your bath water, is filled with the healing properties of the Finnish forest. Fragranced with lemon and pine, it creates a whole sensory experience that will leave you feeling centered and relaxed.

Best Bubbles

You know the bath is going to be a good one if you begin it by squeezing a little bear’s tummy. Griffin Remedy’s bears create tons of long-lasting, voluminous bubbles with a delicately-scented formula that’s gentle on sensitive skin.

Most Hydrating

This hydrating milk bath has only three ingredients—coconut milk powder, sea salt and baking soda—for a skin-softening soak that will leave you moisturized, relaxed and soothed.