Why My Ideal Red Lipstick Is Dior’s Forever Rouge #999

Treatment by Ashley Peña
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When it comes to lipstick, not all reds are created equal. Feel free to drive yourself nuts exploring your local Sephora in search of the perfect rosy hue—but if you’re short on time, I’d like to offer you some advice: give Dior’s Forever Rouge #999 a try.

There is no matte red that even comes close to its spectacular pigment, which is neither too blue nor too orange and therefore complements many different skin tones. (For the record, mine veers from pale olive to medium beige depending on the time of year.) As far as this lipstick’s finish, color, and application, #999 is transfer-proof—it stays on my lips (not my wine glass!) for hours, and does not bleed. The smooth-yet-stable consistency of this product gives me the option to skip the liner, which I often do. Dior’s #999 is also incredibly versatile in its ability to make your outfit pop: it can certainly be worn with a bold and edgy look, but its velvet texture brings elements of old Hollywood glamour, too. I’ll apply a swipe to glam up my look and instantly experience a confidence boost.

Nine was famously Christian Dior’s lucky number; this shade is a combination of his personal two favorite reds, #9 and #99. While Dior’s masterful play on color is on the pricier side, for $45 a tube, you get what you pay for—a high-performance lipstick that you never have to second guess. That means less time wasted on purchasing duds that don’t give your look the flair it deserves. I’m of the opinion that when wearing a red, your eyes and cheeks should be softer to let the lips be the star. If you end up giving #999 a shot, try an everyday look with a soft bronze lid and cheeks, or a subtle ’90s vibe, with taupe lids and brown mascara. Any way you choose to wear it, let #999 inspire, uplift, and make you feel sexy—just like it does for me.