Nothing Comes Between Me and My Celluma LED Light

A photo of the Celluma LED light
Courtesy of Celluma. Image treatment by Ashley Peña.
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Over the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed a surge in popularity of at-home LED light therapy devices within the beauty space. Each one promises to minimize your pores, obliterate your acne, and firm your skin so tight that your friends will mistake you for M3gan the next time you get together. To set the record straight: LED therapy, (which originally was used in Europe as a skin graft-healing modality) does deliver beautiful skin. Technically speaking, LED devices will enhance your skin’s condition by amplifying your skin fibroblasts, producing high-quality collagen production and making your skin look firm, glowing, and healthy.

For proper therapeutic functioning and skin revitalizing with an LED light, you need to make sure your device gives off the right amount of light therapy emissions, and you must use it for a certain amount of time to yield the benefits. A more powerful tool does not necessarily mean a better tool in the LED light therapy world. Many LED manufacturers insist their products are the strongest. But to effectively heal and restore the skin’s layers, you’re better off with a light device that emits low-level energy for a long period of time. The only device I have ever seen deliver on these dictums are Celluma’s LEDs.

I decided to try out the Celluma LED light device after seeing it in the homes and offices of L.A.’s most prominent aestheticians and beauty experts (Joanna Czech, Candace Marino, Barbara Sturm, Nikki DeRoest, Adeela Crown—looking at you all). Celluma is the most medically credentialed LED device on the market, and has received accolades worldwide. As soon as I purchased the Celluma, I fell in love. When I remember to, I use it twice a week for thirty minutes—I know it’s doing the work while I tune out with the TV on or listen to a podcast. The Celluma emits light at between 2-10 joules per square centimeter at or close to the skin’s surface. If your LED device’s power is below that range, nothing happens. And if you go above that range, you run the risk of overpowering the cells and creating a less-than-ideal environment for your skin.

With the Celluma, you never have to worry about efficacy. After using the device regularly, my skin has transformed: it’s tighter, more smooth, and ridded of discoloration. That being said, the Celluma comes at a pretty hefty price point. Its facial device is $795, while a Celluma Pod—a mini, travel-friendly version—goes for $300. (There’s even the Celluma Pro, which wraps around your entire head; and the Celluma Skin, which delivers LED light therapy to the face, neck, and décolleté—both come with a price tag well over $1000.) But when we say it’s worth every penny, we mean it. Plus, you’ll end up saving money in the long run by skipping visits to your aesthetician’s office and using the Celluma instead. If you’re thinking of purchasing a proper, effective, LED device, definitely consider the Celluma LED. Simply put: it works.