An Honest Review of Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber’s Favorite IV Drip Service

An IV drip with "Clean market" on the front
Illustration by Ashley Peña

IV drips become something of a recurring guest star on popular reality television shows (see: the cast members of Jersey Shore and Vanderpump Rules inviting medical professionals into their homes to administer IVs as treatment their raging hangovers). And once Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber ordered an IV house call in Miami, we knew we had to give it a shot. Four W editors visited the New York City-based wellness center, Clean Market—which recently opened a new location in NoHo—received IV drips, and gave their honest opinions about the service.

Faith Brown, Social Media Editor

How familiar are you with IV drips?

I was familiar with IV drips solely because of friends who, during our freshman year of college, made frequent visits to the health center after long nights and one too many tequila sodas. That said, I knew nothing about the NutriDrip service until I watched a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that centered around Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber receiving a house call from Clean Market. Admittedly, after watching them gossip while vitamins and nutrients filled their veins, I was curious to try.

Describe your experience at Clean Market.

I was very impressed with the space itself. As someone who was introduced to IVs in a strictly medical and clinical way, the spa-like NoHo space was a stunning surprise. Not to mention the shop in the lobby is borderline utopian, stocked with all the products I already love—and some I didn’t know I needed. I found myself lingering there long after my drip was over.

The menu of NutriDrip options felt a little overwhelming at first glance, but the staff was so helpful and really took the time to explain the benefits of each, helping me decide which to get. I landed on NutriBody—a lipotropic cocktail that’s supposed to remove toxins and fat cells in your body. For context, this drip is a full liter of liquid, while most on the menu are only half—so it takes twice the amount of time. To my surprise, after the drip, I felt extremely fatigued, nauseous, and at the risk of TMI, my pee smelled very weird.

Apparently, everything I experienced was completely normal. I just wish the staff had informed me of the side effects prior to starting the drip. The experience taught me a great lesson in expectation management. I believed that I would leave feeling ready to run a marathon. Instead, I wanted to sleep for 26.2 hours.

Would you visit Clean Market again?

I would definitely return (or schedule a house call) to try the hangover drip after a big night out. If any brides of the weddings I have to attend this year are reading, I also think this would be a great service to offer for guests to revive themselves in between weekend festivities.

Social media editor Faith Brown (left) and senior style editor Allia Alliata di Montereale receiving their IV drips at Clean Market.

Ysenia Valdez, Senior Social Media Editor

What was the extent of your NutriDrip IV knowledge before heading into this experience?

I was totally unfamiliar with NurtiDrip IV therapy, specifically, but semi-familiar with the concept of IV drips. My only association with them were those mobile trucks that offer it as a hangover cure.

Describe your experience at Clean Market.

When I arrived (30 minutes late) to my appointment, I was pleasantly greeted by two receptionists who were more than okay with my delay. After signing me in, they walked me through the menu of IV drip options, but encouraged me to talk to the nurse to decide which option was best.

Upon hearing the word “nurse” my mind began to register the full extent of what I was doing: a medical procedure—albeit, minor and very straightforward. Once I entered my treatment room, I was greeted by my nurse—who did help me decide my best option. Because it was after work and I was heading to dinner with friends afterward, we decided on the good ol’ fashioned Detox, which was 30 uninterrupted minutes of pure vitamins coursing through my veins.

After meeting with two nurses, getting my blood pressure checked, and signing a waiver, I got dripped. Upon immediately tasting the vitamins in my mouth I thought, “Cool. I am dying.” I figured I had two options: I rip this sucker out, or I say something to the professional in the room who was there for this exact reason. I chose the latter. In one very calm and smooth breath, I chuckled, “Oh, wow. I can taste it.” To which she responded that this was “very normal,” followed by a breakdown of why. Admittedly, I zoned out after “normal” and commended myself on the fact that on this day, fear was not a factor for me. Before I knew it, the procedure was over and I was free to leave.

On my way out, I asked a few of the receptionists how often they dripped (I don’t know if that is the right verb, but I think it should be) to which they responded, “sometimes,” explaining that they find it most effective after a marathon or before a night out. Which, to me, feels like the only scenario in which you could justify this approximately $300 procedure.

Did the IV drip provide you the results you’d hoped for?

Short answer: no. I don’t know what results I was looking for, but I was an unchanged woman. Honestly, I would like to try it after a long night out or while recovering from the inevitable Covid infection I have penciled in.

Inside the shop at Clean Market.

Courtesy of Clean Market

Jenna Wojciechowski, Senior Fashion Market Editor

Do any associations (pop culture or otherwise) come up when you think of IV drips?

When I think of IV drips, I think of Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber getting the service done on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Ever since seeing that episode, I wanted to try it for myself to see what the fuss was all about.

Describe in your experience at Clean Market.

Prior to this, I have never received the NutriDrip IV service. But I could not have asked for a better experience at Clean Market. Immediately upon entry, I was escorted to the back to begin my treatment. I had the choice between receiving this service in a private or public room—both were equally as tranquil as the general space, which is beautifully decorated and clean. I was a bit nervous to get started, but the staff made sure I felt completely comfortable the entire time. They detailed the IV options from a chic, laminated menu; I had a quick consult with a nurse via Zoom; and we got to dripping. I chose the Nutricleanse, which was a nice introduction to the world of IVs, containing glutathione and vitamin C. I felt coldness rush through my system for the entirety of the drip, and tasted and smelled the scent of a vitamin. Once the bag finished—which only took about 30 minutes—I felt a bit more clear-headed and energized; this sensation only increased as the day went on. It’s hard for me to say how long the effects lasted in my body, but I definitely noticed it for at least 24 hours. I would like to try going for a month consistently, and see how I feel after that.

In your opinion, did it work? Would you do it again?

I definitely think this worked. I left Clean Market feeling extremely energized. This IV drip definitely provided me with the results I had hoped for. I look forward to doing it again before my wedding in September.

Outside the shop at Clean Market.

Allia Alliata di Montereale, Senior Style Editor

Had you heard of the NutriDrip IV therapy service prior to this?

I am familiar with NutriDrip IVs, but I’ve personally never tried them. I’ve been on set before where the photographer requested one to boost his energy in the middle of an exhausting photo shoot.

Describe your experience at Clean Market.

The employees at Clean Market were so welcoming, and I was especially impressed by the shop inside, which sells most of my favorite clean wellness products. The interior was calming and comfortable.

Out of the many IV drips on offer, I wanted to pick one with which I was least familiar. I chose the NutriBody, which is a lipotropic drip that helps boost metabolism and enhance liver function. They asked me many questions about my health prior to the drip. The staff explained the difference between the different kinds of drips, but not so much what I would experience during or after my drip. I thought I would leave feeling rejuvenated and energized. Instead, while receiving the drip, I felt light-headed. After the drip, I was hungry, felt nauseous, and had a slight headache and stomachache. The discomfort came in waves throughout the day; it was unclear whether the side effects were a result of my body removing toxins or if I was just having a bad reaction. I wished the nurse could have given me more warning as to how I would feel after the treatment.

In your opinion, did the IV drip provide you the results you’d hoped for? Would you do it again?

I am not sure if the drip “worked.” I didn’t expect to feel or see immediate results, as I don’t think this particular IV Body drip leads to a noticeable, instantaneous change. Part of me wishes I choose the IV Cleanse drip, which is supposed to be generally rejuvenating and a better choice for beginners.

Would you do it again?

I don’t think I would do this specific drip again, but I would be open to trying a drip to help boost energy and hydration.