Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Injectables to “Look Less Pissed Off”

Gwyneth Paltrow looking transported
Photo by Steven Klein

Not many actresses would willingly become the face of an injectable for reducing frown lines. But Xeomin’s new spokesperson, Gwyneth Paltrow, has long been candid on the subject of Botox and other anti-aging treatments. Like Emilia Clarke, she simply doesn’t get why they come with such a stigma.

Paltrow wasn’t always keen on injectables. “I had a midlife crisis when I turned 40, and I went to go see this doctor,” the 48-year-old said in a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar. “It was a disaster. I didn’t do anything else for a long, long time. I was bruised, my forehead was completely frozen, and I didn’t look like myself at all.”

She’s since found a simple solution: just a “teeny drop” of Xeomin, which targets the area between the eyebrows. Paltrow prefers the brand because of one benefit in particular: Apparent, it makes her “look less pissed off.”

“I think it’s nice when women share, because there’s a lot of shame around surgery or injectables or fillers,” Paltrow said. “It would be nice if people felt confident about the choices they were making. But if they want to have a beauty secret, that’s okay, too. I'm an open book—I've shared what works for me, because that's how I've always learned.”

“The younger generation is embracing and deifying women like Jane Fonda and Frances McDormand,” Paltrow continued. “They just love cool women, whether they’re older or different to them. They’re so much less judgmental about other women of all shapes and sizes. I observe that with my daughter. They look at the whole woman, instead of some super-airbrushed, Facetuned Instagram photo. I like the trend I’m seeing.” No wonder she’s so at peace with being a “lame old white lady,” as she put it in 2019.