Kate Moss Takes an Unconventional Path to Wellness With Cosmoss

For the legendary super, staying grounded calls for Frasier re-watches and charging her crystals.

kate moss
Courtesy of Cosmoss by Kate Moss
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Behind Kate Moss’s iconic fashion and beauty looks, unforgettable magazine covers, and signature strolls down the runway, there’s an intuitive and astute businesswoman in full control of her own career trajectory. That much is clear in her latest and most personal business venture to date, the beauty and wellness line Cosmoss. For the past year and a half since Cosmoss launched, the 49-year-old super has curated her line of high-grade wellness products inspired by the earth around her—particularly her lush country garden in the U.K., whose healing botanicals and herbs she tends to herself.

Today, Cosmoss’s distribution has extended to the U.S.—allowing American beauty enthusiasts to understand just what inspires, grounds, and centers the Croydon-born Brit. And soon, Cosmoss will launch a partnership with The Proper Hotel Spa in Austin, Texas, to offer facial services. It’s clear that, in the wellness space, Moss is just getting started.

I didn’t know you were so deeply connected to nature until I started reading about Cosmoss.

I have always loved nature and always been aware of it—from the honeysuckle around the backdoor of my first childhood home to my garden, which inspired me to create the brand. I love spending time there, or wild swimming—just being outside in nature.

How did the idea for launching a beauty and wellness line come about?

It was during the pandemic. I had time on my hands and wanted to create something that would help me feel more grounded, something I could share. So I asked the homeopath and shaman Victoria Young if she would help me. Cosmoss came about because I wanted to create a scent that captured the feeling of wellness and calm, so we walked around my garden for hours and hours, picking flowers (even wildflowers and the Cosmos flowers that grow around where I live). Cosmoss was literally blended at my kitchen table.

Were there certain botanicals or extracts that you knew had to be included in your line?

Obviously, I wanted it to be soothing and regenerative. But also, I wanted to include essential oils with holistic and homeopathic benefits as well.

For my Sacred Mist scent, I wanted the aroma to be sensual as well as calming. I asked Victoria—who is an alchemist rather than a nose—to help me capture the proper essence. We talked about ideas, what I needed, and then built it from the base up. We ended up building the scent on oak moss, the essence of protection—which is something we all need—and incorporated it with flowers from my garden, like geranium, jasmine, and tuberose. The aura mist is cleansing and kind of magical. I feel calmer when I spray it.

You also created two teas, Dawn and Dusk, under the Cosmoss line.

I specifically wanted Dawn Tea to wake the senses, to be sunrise in a cup to start your day. It’s energizing and anti-inflammatory, so it helps cleanse the gut at the start of the day. I personally like to have my Dawn Tea while I choose an affirmation. We have just launched a book of love letters, as well as daily affirmations, because I think wellness is as much about taking a moment or finding a moment of calm, as it is taking up a new ritual. I like to start my day with a tea and meditation, followed by some Pilates or yoga. Then I feel ready for the day.

What’s another Cosmoss product you use daily?

The Golden Nectar Face Oil is definitely one of my hero products. I use it day and night, on my face, my body, my hair. I find it glides very nicely on the face and gives a beautiful glow without feeling heavy. It contains rosemary leaf extract, which is also a powerful anti-inflammatory; I actually take rosemary leaf extract in pill form and find it very effective for inflammation.

I like to also add a few drops into my Cosmoss face cream for ultimate hydration. The cream and cleanser both contain moss extract complex, which combines three wild Icelandic plants—lichen, moss, and fern—which restore smoothness and elasticity. And it contains bakuchiol, which we all know is the plant-based alternative to retinol. That helps the skin with reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What’s your favorite foundation to wear over the Nectar Oil?

I love Charlotte Tilbury makeup. For daytime, I like her Beautiful Skin Shade Foundation #7, as it has a lighter consistency and gives such a healthy glow. For more coverage, it would be her Hollywood Flawless Filter. I wear a mix of shades #6 and #8.5.

What’s your go-to lipstick?

I veer toward the dark flesh/nudes by Charlotte Tilbury. Those work beautifully on me.

Which fragrances do you love?

Sacred Mist for the day—and for something richer, I love to wear Guerlain L’Heure Bleue.

Are you a fan of facials?

Yes, I love to get a facial when I can. In London, I go to Teresa Tarmey. I’ve also started seeing Keren Bartov, who uses so many incredible machines. We’ve started to develop Cosmoss spa treatments, too. The first was launched at The Lakes by Yoo near my home in the country. The Four Seasons Park Lane London has also created a bespoke Cosmoss experience, which is divine.

Is your skin affected by your frequent travel schedule?

I find traveling does affect my skin—so I always travel with the Golden Nectar for some extra hydration when flying. But generally, I’d say my skin is norma. I do like to use a gua sha to help stimulate circulation and decrease puffiness; pairing it with the Nectar Oil works really well for this. I really do feel that my regular rituals using the cleanser, cream, and oil have made a huge difference to the texture of my complexion.

You don’t do a lot of interviews. What’s one thing people should know about you?

Maybe that I don’t really like talking about myself. I prefer more to focus on my work or share what I am creating. I started modeling before social media, thankfully, and I have always tried to keep my work and personal life very separate. I have picked up so many useful tips and coping strategies throughout my career, and this is what I wanted to share in creating Cosmoss. It’s a wellness line that celebrates just being—being healthy, aware, and content.

Do you ever feel pressure to look a certain way, whether that’s on a red carpet or in your everyday life?

I have always dressed to please myself and my mood. I don’t follow trends. I think when you feel comfortable, then you look confident.

Do you integrate crystals into your daily wellness rituals?

I love crystals. I have so many around my home and I like meditating with them. I put them out in the garden overnight when it’s a full moon to cleanse them. I use the Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle to help guide me; there are so many crystals for different days, different moods. I really believe in their power, and believe in the mystical and spiritual side of wellness. And I love tarot cards. I don’t ever want to be typical... I want to surprise people and live in the moment!

Outside of your garden sanctuary in the U.K., where do you love to visit?


What are you watching lately?

I have got back into Frasier recently, which is just brilliant.

What’s a key piece of advice you would give to someone like you—a working mother and an entrepreneur on their wellness journey?

Just be you. Love, live, be happy, and enjoy the adventure. One of the most important things is taking a little time for yourself every day—even five minutes to stop and be in the moment. And I would say don’t limit yourself. Anything’s possible.

Who has been the greatest influence on you spiritually?

[My daughter,] Lila. For everything.