Kylie Jenner Lost Her Eyebrows Trying to Keep Up With Beauty Trends

Photo by Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images; Treatment by Ivana Cruz

Kylie Jenner is lifting the curtain on the “voguish vampire,” trend, revealing the realities of bleaching your brows to achieve the spooky high fashion look that has been taking over Instagram feeds as of late. In a recent video, the reality star provided an inside look at her makeup routine, and while doing so, admitted that she faced some major consequences from bleaching her brows.

In “Beauty Secrets” for Vogue, Jenner showed off how she does her “classic Kylie glam,” a fairly natural makeup look with a bit of pink on the lips and cheeks, as well as a subtle winged eyeliner. Near the end of the routine, Jenner got to her brows, for which she used an Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil. “Brows used to be the focus of our look,” Jenner said while brushing them up with a spoolie. “We used to always do these thick brows. Now brows aren't our main focus.”

As Jenner followed up the brushing with a pencil, she revealed she recently had a bit of a brow-related incident that has forced her to ditch the thick brow look. “I just had to do this campaign shoot and they wanted bleached brows,” she explained. Unfortunately, Jenner’s makeup artist, Ariel Tejada, left the bleach on a bit too long, and her brows fell off. Likely, Jenner is exaggerating and just a handful of hairs fell out as her brows are very much still there. There are many models, influencers, and other celebrities walking around with absolutely no eyebrows these days and Jenner isn’t one of them. Still, she said she’s currently “trying to get them back,” though the situation doesn’t bother her too much. “It’s OK because thin brows are in,” she said.


It seems like the campaign in question hasn’t been released yet, though it looks like it was shot in the beginning of the year, as it was around that time that Jenner shared a photo with bleached brows on Instagram. Jenner rocked the vampiric look with a Hodakova top, making for quite the picture, but we will have to wait to see the campaign images to decide if the whole ordeal was worth it.