Lorde Ditched The Makeup For Her Seth Meyers Appearance

Plus, Lorde and Meyers go hard during a day-drinking session.

Lorde Seth Meyers
Photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBC.

Lorde is stateside to promote new songs from her upcoming third album Solar Power. After debuting “Stoned at the Nail Salon” yesterday, she visited the Late Show with Seth Meyers for an in-studio performance, excessive day drinking, and details about her new tropical Midsommar persona, which apparently involves wearing a lot of buttercup yellow. One thing she wasn’t wearing? Makeup — during the live interview portion of the show, Lorde was bare-faced and as beautiful as we’ve ever seen her.

For her beauty look, she wore her long dark hair in gentle waves, with two pieces pulled behind the crown of her head. It highlighted her lack of pigmented makeup — clearly, she was wearing some foundation, bronzer, a nude lip color, and eyebrow product; just enough to allow her features to be visible on camera. It is an expert application of no-makeup makeup, dialed down even further to give the appearance of no makeup being worn at all, while still providing enough contrast to see her facial expression as she spoke.

Prior to the live taping, Lorde and Meyers hit the Zero Bond bar in New York City, where he played mixologist, crafting drinks inspired by her songs. For “Solar Power,” he concocted a truly devastating coffee, Red Bull, espresso beans, Four Loko (where did he even find it?) drink that didn’t even need alcohol to transport her into outer space. “Ribs” contained gin, a lime, and actual barbecued ribs. By the end of the segment, the two got so blitzed that they were slurring their words and red-faced arguing about who won a painting contest. During the interview, Lorde recalled that her hangover was vicious enough that she needed in IV drip. “Someone came to my hotel and administered fluids to my corpse,” she said, laughing. “I can’t touch another alcoholic drink again.”

You can watch her segments on Late Show with Seth Meyers below, including her live performance of “Stoned at the Nail Salon.”