This Miracle Japanese Blow Dryer Uses Heat to Produce Healthier Hair

An honest review of the product taking blowout enthusiasts by storm.

Product image courtesy of Lumielina; image treatment by Ashley Peña.
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Those of us who can’t live without regular blowouts know we’re nuts for continuously turning a blind eye toward the damage that even the highest-end blow dryers can inflict on the hair. (For the record, we are not dim-witted, we are vain—and we’d rather look good now and suffer bad hair down the line.) My fellow blowout devotees: what could possibly be more gratifying than a hairstyling tool that gives solid results every time, without ever damaging your hair? That notion may sound like a contradiction, but when it comes to the Japanese hairstyling device called the Repronizer, it’s all true. I have discovered that, every time I use the Repronizer, the quality of my hair actually improves.

This tool looks like a blow dryer, but isn’t quite that, although it does rely on heat technology to get the job done. Not only does the Repronizer style and dry the hair with an efficacy equal to the finest, high-quality blow dryers on the market, it also delivers a surge of hydration with each use. This product is part of the Bioprogramming line from the Japan-based company Lumielina; admittedly, the Repronizer has been around for some time, but it’s currently gaining traction among hairstylists and beauty junkies—especially since it delivers on big, sexy hair and bountiful volume, two major hair trends for spring.

After hearing about the Repronizer from my good friend, I got in touch with a representative from Lumielina. They sent me to the most charming hair salon, Bomane, in Beverly Hills, where I was to learn about the Bioprogramming treatments and devices in person. There, Isabelle, one of the Bioprogramming stylists, started my treatment with Lumielina’s shampoo and conditioner, followed by a scalp serum and hair mist. (Mind you, you do not need to purchase their shampoos and products alongside the Repronizer, but the more you layer the technology, the stronger the results.) Isabelle then whipped out the hair device. Truthfully, it looked to me like a blow dryer; the heat temperature and strength of the air coming out felt exactly like a blow dryer. But in a shockingly short amount of time, my hair was blown out—and it looked so much fuller, thicker, and smoother than usual. I ran my fingers through my ends; they were soft as silk.

Isabelle then mentioned Lumielina’s Hairbeauron tool, which is similar to a flat iron, from the line—it straightens your hair, she added, but causes no damage. “Did you want to try that too? Make your hair super straight today?” she asked me. I said yes. Isabelle did very slow passes through my hair with the device. I was cringing the whole time, terrified that my fine strands would suffer. But I was wrong. It was even silkier than before. I jumped out of my chair, found the lovely salon owner, Drea, hugged the hell out her, and left the salon with a huge smile on my face.

The technology behind this device is unparalleled. For its haircare line, Lumelinia relies on the power of quantum technology, which takes surplus moisture from your body and brings it to the surface level of your scalp. (As one of the company’s reps explained to me me, the process is similar to taking a raisin to the hydration level of a grape.) They recommended I do “a slow pass every day, and you will see, it will improve your hair.” I have been, every morning, and the results are remarkable.

This device has changed the way I feel about hairstyling tools, so much so that I actually look forward to doing my own hair these days. (Another added bonus: it works on all hair types and you can use it on extensions as well.) The price for the Repronizer is high at $1020, but it is undoubtedly a sound investment for blow dry devotees, especially since a good blowout costs anywhere from $50 to $150 and up. If this is too steep an investment for you to make personally, look up stylists in your area who might use these beauty devices, because they’re that good.