The Best Skincare Products to Use During Menopause

Photo by Hulton Archive via Getty Images

When you're young, your body produces a wealth of collagen, the skin-supporting protein that keeps your faces plump, hydrated, and unlined. However, hormonal shifts converge during menopause to dramatically reduce collagen supplies.

Menopause is technically defined as the one-year anniversary of not having your period. “It lasts just one day. Every day after is called post-menopause,” explains Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su, MD, the medical director for menopause at the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle and the chief medical officer at Gennev, a digital health platform. On the other hand, perimenopause, menopause’s precursor, typically starts in a woman’s 40s and can last up to 7-10 years. During this stage, your ovaries gradually start making less estrogen overall, but your hormone levels can fluctuate dramatically from month-to-month, resulting in irregular periods, hot flashes, or brain fog.

Estrogen is critical in maintaining healthy, radiant youthful-looking skin, and as we age it naturally declines. With this fluctuation comes real physiological skin changes: loss of collagen, elasticity, radiance, and excessive dryness—which in turn, lead to mottling, wrinkling, sagging, and thinning of the skin. Around the age of 40, women start to lose about 2 percent of their collagen, elastin, and natural hyaluronic acid production annually. Some women experience dryness and oiliness of the skin simultaneously during perimenopause, while others battle acne, dullness, and age spots.

Recently, a slew of new beauty brands, including Womaness, Caire, and SeeMe Beauty, have come on the market to specifically address a suite of menopausal skincare issues for women in the over-40 set, an underserved group in the beauty industry. Below, we’ve compiled 10 skincare products that’ll best serve estrogen-deficient skin during every stage of its menopausal journey, whether it’s peri, meno, or post.

Womaness focuses on the skincare needs of menopausal women, from their head to their toes. Slather the line’s powerhouse body moisturizer all over to boost elasticity while tightening up drooping flesh.

This antioxidant-rich French formula boasts a botanical mix of black orchid, magnolia, and brown algae extracts— plus, a hefty serving of ceramides—to aid in strengthening the skin barrier and neutralizing inflammation.

A sharp jawline eventually gives way to sagging and loose jowls—a result of the plunge in collagen levels as we age. Lift and define the contours of your cheeks with this hyper-effective toning formula.

Moisturizers that offer deep hydration yet are lightweight are beneficial for women during this stage of their life. Look for ingredients that support moisture and the production of collagen—hyaluronic acid is a leading go-to of many skincare experts. But be wary, not all hyaluronic acids are equal. According to Celeste Lee, a founder at Caire Beauty, high-weight HA molecules can give great hydration on the surface layer of your skin, but do nothing for your skin texture or elasticity. “They are a zillion times too big to get down to where it counts,” she tells W. Select products that contain an ultra-low weight version so they’re able to seep deep into the skin and work effectively. Caire’s moisture-rich mask contains fermented polysaccharides and a triple hyaluronic acid complex to help deep-feed hydration-deprived skin.

Perimenopausal women can experience a surge in oiliness and breakouts. Willow bark extract, nature’s gentle version of salicylic acid, and bromelain, a pineapple-derived enzyme, slough away dead skin cells and unclog congested pores for a smoother and clearer visage.

This non-hormonal restorative night cream contains proprietary MEP technology that works to stimulate the estrogen pathways in your skin to minimize collagen loss and visibly improve wrinkles and fine lines while you get some shut-eye. It’s also boosted with niacinamide, retinol, and peptides to maximize anti-aging benefits.

With menopause comes an increase in cortisol levels—leading to flushed cheeks and dry, itchy skin. This soothing moisture mist of wild indigo, lotus extracts, and magnesium reduces redness and calms stressed-out complexions.

It’s key to remember that your skin changes all over your body due to these hormonal changes—not just your face. Even the area around your intimate zone transforms as your reproductive years come to an end; there’s often an increase in dryness, and a loss of collagen and elastin. “It takes longer for the skin to bounce back after being compressed, especially the more sensitive and permeable skin of the vulva, vestibule, and vagina,” says Christine Marie Mason, founder of intimate wellness brand Rosebud Woman. Leave this melt-on moisturizer overnight to replenish and recondition.

A recent discovery in the scientific field of epigenetics led Lauder to update the formula of one of its bestsellers. It now incorporates new ChronoluxPower Signal Technology to help your skin amp up its production of collagen for firmer, more youthful skin.

Say bye to eye bags. Two types of vitamin B nourish and visibly firm the delicate skin around your eyes in this orbital compound.