Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Come To Heads Over Château Miraval

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Angelina Jolie is reportedly trying to rid herself of her portion of the French estate where she and Brad Pitt wed in 2014. The actress, who owns 50 percent of Château Miraval in Correns, France—currently valued at around $164 million—is reportedly trying to sell her stake without giving Pitt the option to buy her out first. The issue is currently playing out in a Luxembourg court.

It was reported back in 2018 that Pitt and Jolie had agreed to keep the 1,000 acre, 35-bedroom estate as “an investment for their children” following their divorce. Along with a spa, chapel, and two gyms, Miraval also boasts a private vineyard that continues to produce wines, including a highly-rated rosé variety. Despite the current dispute over the Château, the 2020 vintage still bears both Pitt and Jolie’s names.

According to Page Six, court papers show that Miraval is owned through a company called Quimicum. While Pitt originally owned 60 percent of Quimicum, in 2016, he transferred ten percent of his ownership to Jolie (reportedly for a payment of one euro), making them equal shareholders in the company and in Miraval. Sources told Page Six that, as part of the deal, the exes agreed to ask each other permission before selling their shares in the future. A resulting lawsuit claims that Jolie failed to do that. Now Pitt wants to return his ownership state to a controlling 60 percent.

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The situation adds another layer to the exes’ ongoing legal battle, focused mostly on the custody of five of their children.