Before Cannes, Behind the Scenes with its Biggest Stars

Brigitte Bardot

The world’s biggest movie stars will touch down in Cannes Wednesday for the city’s legendary annual film festival. In honor of all the hubbub, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Charles Finch will open “The Art of Behind The Scenes” photo exhibit at the Hotel du Cap in Antibes. Curated by John Ingledew, the photographs include iconic actors and directors in-between takes, like Brigitte Bardot playing cards on the set of Viva Maria or John Huston discussing sound with Marilyn Monroe for The Misfits. Plus, more recent behind-the-scenes examples, such as Viggo Mortensen in Patagonia for Juaja in 2013. Before getting swept away in all the red carpet madness of the 2016 fest, take a look back at these rare images.


French actress Brigitte Bardot plays cards on set of the comedy-adventure film ‘Viva Maria’, 1965. © Iconic Images / Douglas Kirkland.


Actors Peter O’Toole and Audrey Hepburn, together in a cramped broom cupboard, in a scene from the crime caper ‘How to Steal a Million’, 1966. © Iconic Images/Terry O’Neill.


Director Lisandro Alonso with Viggo Mortensen, cinematographer Timo Salminen and film crew on the set of “Juaja” in Patagonia, Argentina, 2013. © Esteban Szczipnyj.


John Huston discusses sound with Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable and a sound man, on set for “The Misfits” in Nevada, 1960. © Magnum Photos.


Martin Scorsese on the set of “Casino” in Las Vegas, Nevada, 1995. © Phil Caruso.


Andy Warhol at the Silver Factory in New York with his first sophisticated anchored camera, 1964. © Magnum Photos.


The American writer and movie director Norman Mailer during a “speaking party,” 1968. © Magnum Photos.


On the set of the film “Notorious,” directed by Alfred Hitchcock, in Hollywood, California, 1946. © Magnum Photos.


Jean-Luc Godard during the filming of “Le Mepris” in Villa Malaparte in Capri, Italy, 1963. © Magnum Photos.


British actor Michael Caine takes a rest with Anthony Quinn during the filming of Guy Green’s 1968 film “The Magus” on Mallorca. © Iconic Images / Terry O’Neill.


On the set of “Moby Dick” directed by John Huston, 1954. © Magnum Photos.


Circular track from the set of “Tall Tale,” featuring Patrick Swayze as Pecos Bill on Widow Maker, John Ryan as grub (left), Scott Wilson as Zeb (right), camera operator Mitch Dubin and dolly grip Jack glenn. Directed by Jeremiah Chechik, 1995. © Buena Vista Pictures / Disney.