The Best of Frieze New York

Jonathan Horowitz’s “700 Dots” at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise

We dove into New York’s glitziest art fair, which runs through the weekend, and came back up with a few of our favorites.


Jonathan Horowitz’s “700 Dots” at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise

Gavin Brown likes to bring the spectacle. This year, Jonathan Horowitz’s interactive project—volunteers sat down and attempted to paint a perfect 8 inch black circle on a 12 inch square canvas—got everyone involved, from megacollectors to art critics to students. Dots for democracy!


T.J. Wilcox at Barbara Gladstone

For dealers stuck inside the fair day and night, Wilcox offers a little scenery with this monumental panorama of New York’s skyline, from sunrise to sunset. A booth with a view.


Lesley Vance at David Kordansky

An entire booth of these small gems. All of them so flat, so controlled, yet done with so much texture and feeling. Paging Jonathan Horowitz.


Milena Muzquiz at Travesia Cuatro

Spring has sprunged! And ceramics, apparently, are still hot.

Photo by Kayode Ojo.


Kader Attia at Lehmann Maupin

Nearly 3,000 beer cans bent in half and facing clockwise so as to invert the perambulations Muslim pilgrims perform around the Kaaba, in the most sacred mosque in Mecca. It also made us wonder: If one were able to buy just one can from this piece, which went for $121,875 at Sotheby’s last year, would it cost more than one of those $30 Negronis the fair is hawking?

Photo by Kayode Ojo.


Nick Cave at Jack Shainman

There’s one of these at every fair—and yet, they never fail to delight. Whoooosh.

Photo by Kayode Ojo.


The entire Almine Rech booth

Neon gold.

Photo by Kayode Ojo.


Nicole Wermers at Herald Street

Trophy wives sold separately.

Photo by Kayode Ojo.


Samara Golden’s Frieze Projects Installation

Outside the tents, there is another world—and that’s not a euphemism for the plebeian masses.

Photo by Kayode Ojo.


Korakrit Arunanondchai’s Frieze Projects Installation

Buying art is hard work.

Photo by Kayode Ojo.


Cerith Wyn Evans at Lorcan O’Neill

Mirror, mirror against the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Oh, it’s Frieze. (Sorry Armory.)

Photo by Kayode Ojo.