Cara Delevingne Tackles NFTs Like Gwyneth Paltrow Did Candles

Photo:Dominique Charriau/WireImage.
Photo by Dominique Charriau/WireImage

NFTs have become the newest — and most lucrative — way to cash in on the burgeoning digital art movement. And now that celebrities like Grimes and Paris Hilton are publicly adopting the psuedo-crypto art collection disruption, NFTs are joining the mainstream vagina discourse, thanks to Cara Delevingne. It was only a matter of time.

Delevingne is selling an NFT video of herself talking about her vagina, reports Page Six. Not to be outdone by the taboo subject matter, she is also nude during the film, but this is not a work of explicit erotica. Delevingne worked with the anonymous artist Chemical X to create the video as a celebration of one’s anatomy and sexuality. “My first word was ‘mine,’” she says to the camera as she is flanked by an idyllic beach. “To me, that means something that is most min: my vagina. I choose what I do with it. And no one can take that away from me.”

In a release, she elaborated on the themes she hoped to convey in the piece. “I want this to remind people of how incredibly powerful they are, what a beautiful thing their bodies are and to take pride in that,” said Delevingne.

As a queer person, she also recognizes that she is a visible figure in the LGBTQ+ community. The sale of the video will benefit her own Cara Delevingne Foundation, which supports a variety of charities, including Elton John’s AIDS Foundation and Girl Up. Those interested in purchasing the NFT, which will arrive as the original digital master video file, can participate in a virtual auction on Thursday, March 13.