A Guide To All The ‘It’ Girls in Charli XCX’s ‘360’ Video

Charli XCX "360" music video.

Did someone say “Mother”? Today, Charli XCX released the music video for her latest single “360” from her upcoming album Brat. The singer enlisted something like a Mount Rushmore of reining internet cool girls, from Chloë Sevigny and Julia Fox to Gabriette and Rachel Sennott, for a dinner party-turned-five car pile-up. Here, a guide to each and every “It” girl featured in Charli XCX’s “360” music video.

XCX begins the visual, directed by Aidan Zamiri, in a restaurant where she’s requested to “fulfill the prophecy of finding a new hot internet girl.” They ultimately land on their waiter to fulfill said prophecy, who receives advice from some well-versed diners. Among them are:

Julia Fox, situated towards the end of the table, who tells the waitress “You need to have this je ne sais quoi” to which XCX agrees, “It’s definitely a je ne sais quoi situation.”

Rachel Sennott, an actress best known for her role in Bottoms and The Idol, greets XCX by saying “Oh my god, thank goodness you’re here.” She tells the singer that can “totally do the song” as soon as they find a new hot girl. When XCX proposes Fox as the potential solution to the prophecy, Sennott replies “Oh, Charli, that’s literally Julia Fox.”

Gabriette introduces the idea of the prophecy at the top of the video. The model and musician says, in-between puffs of vape smoke, “It’s about being really hot, in like a scary way.”

Chloe Cherry of Euphoria fame, mentions that if the group doesn’t find a “new hot internet girl” then their “kind will cease to exist.”

Richie Shazam, a model and Fox’s best friend, explains that “You have to be, like, known. But at the same time, unknowable.”

As the video progresses, the mothers kept on coming.

Chloë Sevigny, the sanctified “It” girl queen who needs no introduction, makes a brief cameo towards the end of the video. She emerges from a sports car—cigarette in hand, of course—to walk and pose alongside XCX.

Actress Hari Nef is also tasked with doing her best model poses atop the hoods of various vehicles.

Influencers Emma Chamberlain and Quen Blackwell are involved in some sort of car pile-up which involves stealing a passerby’s iced coffee, mini skirts, and broken car mirrors.

Alex Consani, top model, poses in varying degrees of Y2K fashion while, at one point, assisting XCX and Gabriette as they wheel an elderly man around a hospital.

There were also appearances from the makeup artist Isaamaya Ffrench, TikToker Blizzy Mcguire, and models Salem Mitchell and Tess McMillan.