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Harry Styles and Florence Pugh Get Dark and Sexy in Don’t Worry Darling Teaser

Florence Pugh.
Photograph by Jeff Henrikson; Styled by Jason Rider.

The teaser trailer for Don’t Worry Darling, starring Florence Pugh and Harry Styles, is definitely just a tease. Posted on director Olivia Wilde’s Instagram, the short clip doesn’t really explain much about the plot, but it does serve as something of a rapid mood board for what we should expect from the style and tone of the film: which is to say, dark, sexy, ominous, and decidedly mid-century.

In the film, Pugh plays a discontented 1950s housewife who discovers the ideal suburb she lives in with her husband, played by Styles, isn’t exactly what it seems. For that matter, neither may be her husband. The clip intercuts moments of suburban fantasia with a little bit of disturbing and sexy imagery (including a very passionate Pugh and Styles makeout scene). It ends with Pugh’s character seemingly wrapping her head in plastic wrap.

Pugh and Styles will be joined in the film by Chris Pine (who makes a blink and you’ll miss it appearance here), Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne, Nick Kroll, Kate Berlant, and even Dita Von Teese. Wilde, who directed the film (and, as you likely already know, subsequently started dating Styles) will also appear in the film as well.

Sadly, the release of the teaser brings other news: we’ll have to wait an entire year to see Don’t Worry Darling on the big screen. Its release date has now been confirmed as September 23, 2022. Who knows when we’ll see the full trailer, but at least now we know we have a lot of time to kill waiting for it.

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