Dua Lipa Becomes a Rodeo Clown in “Love Again” Music Video

Dua Lipa as a rodeo clown
Courtesy of Youtube.

When Dua Lipa answered rapid-fire questions while riding a mechanical bull for a fun W magazine video last summer, we did not anticipate the exercise to serve as training for her music video, “Love Again,” which the superstar just released today.

But here we are, witnessing Lipa as she enters her yeehaw era for the single’s music video. With the assistance of a magic levitating cowboy hat, the musician expertly rides the bucking machine with a bit more panache than she did last summer—all while singing her Future Nostalgia (The Moonlight Edition) single “Love Again.”

This week, Lipa teased the video for her fans on social media, with cover art showing her made up face semi-obscured by a cowboy hat. Notably, many fans pointed out that love makes them feel like clowns, too.

In the video, Lipa moves on from riding a mechanical bull to nailing a line dance while sporting a bolo tie, and dancing up against a few cowboy clowns, some of whom end up lassoing a giant egg. After singing some lyrics about swearing off her lover, it’s not long before she is back in love again, as evidenced by the clown makeup smeared across her face.