Florence Pugh Quashes Those Olivia Wilde Feud Rumors With an Instagram Post

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Olivia Wilde’s new film Don’t Worry Darling will be premiering at the Venice Film Festival next month and its star, Florence Pugh, has finally acknowledged the movie’s existence on social media. Certain corners of social media and the gossip-sphere have imagined some sort of elaborate feud Pugh was in with the Booksmart director when press for the new film began to circulate with no input from its lead. Well, co-lead; Pugh stars opposite Harry Styles, Wilde’s boyfriend.

Wilde separated from her partner Jason Sudeikis soon after meeting the pop icon on set. Wilde and Styles’ relationship supposedly only began after the break up, but sources told Page Six that Pugh was unhappy with the chemistry between the director and her co-star.

“I can tell you for a fact that Flo seeing Olivia and Harry all over each other on set did not go down well as Olivia was still with Jason when she first hooked up with Harry,” claimed the insider.

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Pugh’s alleged disapproval was expanded on by fans who noted she never liked a post by Wilde about the movie in which she is tagged, which, apparently, in Hollywood world is like cursing someone out at their birthday party. She had also posted about a different film on the same day Wilde tagged her, sharing a teaser trailer for her new project Oppenheimer, about atomic bomb scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer. Then, when she was being interviewed on the red carpet for a London opening of Tiffany & Co., Pugh had a lot to say about working with Styles and the film’s styling and didn’t mention Wilde at all.

But Pugh has stepped up and shared a little teaser for Don’t Worry Darling on her timeline.

The language of the post is pretty neutral, quoting the movies tagline “Not everyone gets this opportunity…” and adding the movie’s official release date in theaters on September 23. It definitely sounds like a social media manager is at the helm here, though for what its worth, another source said the same about her Oppenheimer post.

“I heard she was already scheduled to post [about ‘Oppenheimer’] that day for some specific reason, it had nothing to do with a response to Olivia,” the source told Page Six. Perhaps Pugh never really dwells on Instagram and the myriad readings everyone is putting into what she does and doesn’t do on there. If so, lucky her.