George Clooney Is The Worst Roommate Ever

George Clooney holding pillow of Brad Pitt
Courtesy of Omaze

Do you remember your teen bedroom? Chances are, your walls were splashed with posters of your favorite band and celebrity crush. As it turns out, George Clooney has not aged out of this rite of passage: in a new comedy sketch for his Clooney Foundation For Justice, Clooney gets a little too comfortable in an acquaintance’s home and transforms the guest room into a Brad Pitt shrine. Posters, throw pillows, and Pitt life-size cut-outs are the new daily reality for a hapless normal dude who is just trying to get through quarantine with his new famous roommate. It does not go well.

In the video, Clooney explains how, by total accident, he became Byron’s houseguest. Clooney had gone to his home to pick up a Batman figurine that Byron had listed on Craigslist. “It’s not the one with the nipples,” says Clooney, referring to his stint as the Dark Knight in 1997’s Batman & Robin. As he was picking up the toy, the pandemic stay-at-home order was issued, and as Byron says “he just never left.”

Byron was initially skeptical about Clooney sharing his home, but figured that “celebrities are people too.” It didn’t take long before Clooney commandeered the entire home, somehow accruing Pitt memorabilia from all corners of the internet. Where on earth can we get that throw pillow? Clooney even adds a third roommate to the house, in the form a Pitt cut-out that creepily follows Byron into the bathroom — when he can use the bathroom. As a celeb, Clooney spends five hours on his makeup in the house’s only bathroom, but decides to brush his teeth in his bathrobe with Byron is on a Zoom job interview.

At least roomie movie night is still sacrosanct? Not so, says Byron, as Clooney insists on watching his own movies. It’s only after Clooney threatens Byron with a re-watch of Batman & Robin that he relents and they watch Ocean’s 11 again for as many times.

If you’re breaking out into hives thinking about your worst roommate experience, it’s for a good cause. The Clooney Foundation partnered with Omaze to produce the video, which is a contest for charity donations. A winner will be invited to Clooney’s home in Lake Como, where the lucky guest will enjoy lunch with the famed actor and his wife, Amal. That sounds like a much more enjoyable time than Byron’s stint living with the A-list star. Check out the video below.