George Clooney and Julia Roberts Never Had a “No Date” Policy

Julia and George at the Ticket to Paradise premiere
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Over the past twenty years, Julia Roberts and George Clooney have partnered together on six films, playing husband and wife in three of them as part of the Ocean’s Eleven series. And while the two Hollywood A-listers would have made quite the power couple, they never made the step from friends to something more. Now, as they promote their upcoming movie, Ticket to Paradise, where they play a divorced couple who reconnect on a trip to Bali to see their daughter, they’ve been opening up about if they ever considered giving a relationship a try.

During an interview with Access Hollywood, Clooney and Roberts were asked whether they ever had to make a “no date policy” to keep things professional when working together. The pair seemed surprised by the question, with Roberts saying, “I don’t think we needed to state it. It just seemed like the right thing to do.” Clooney clarified, saying that one of them was always in a relationship. “And we were fast friends right away. So it was nothing, but it's been nothing but fun for us,” he said. “So, I don't think that was ever really a thing.”

Julia Roberts, George Clooney, and Amal Clooney at the premiere of Ticket to Paradise.

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These days, the duo seems to be exceptionally close, with Roberts often visiting the Clooneys at their home in Lake Como. Their friendship did seem to cause a bit of awkwardness when it came to filming some scenes for Ticket to Paradise, however. The pair explained that Clooney’s wife, Amal, and their two kids visited set the day the actor was filming a kissing scene with Roberts. Luckily, Amal and the kids “weren’t around” when it was actually going down. Not that it would have been too much of an issue. Roberts described kissing Clooney like “kissing your best friend,” a statement that seemed to offend the actor, who was quick to remind Roberts that he is “a two-time ‘Sexiest Man Alive,’” though that doesn’t seem to have made any difference. At this point, after 20 years of friendship (and considering both are in happy marriages), the chance of a relationship is pretty much out the window.