Blackpink’s Jennie Has Joined Forces With Grimes

Jennie and Grimes posing in front of a rocket

Grimes teased her upcoming single “Shinigami Eyes” for days, but it wasn’t until 24 hours ahead of its release that she made the big reveal: The music video that dropped on Wednesday features none other than Jennie of Blackpink. It’s the collaboration their fans have been waiting for, having first speculated that it was in the works in the summer of 2021. They couldn’t help but notice that Grimes and Jennie posted photos of themselves posing in front of a SpaceX rocket right around the same time that Grimes previewed “Shinigami Eyes” on Discord. (Its title is a reference to the anime show Death Note.) Seven months later, we can now say it was worth the wait.

Maybe their SpaceX outing was for research purposes, because from the look of the 23-second preview, the music video takes place in outer space. (We later find out that it’s all in the head of Grimes or another of those with red pupils.) Grimes has run through a whole host of hairstyles and outfits by the time Jennie first surfaces, wearing a high pony tail and a leather jacket top a mirrored bra and matching leggings. Her enormous fanbase saw the look in the preview Grimes shared the day prior—and immediately created a slowed-down clip of the barely two-second cameo—but it turns out Jennie had another look in store. Towards the end of the video, she joins Grimes in getting weird and pops up with tentacle-like wires on her face.

“I’ve never seen such pure talent on set,” Grimes replied to a fan enthusing about Jennie on Instagram. “Everyone was like wtf she’s so good at performing.” The music video marks Jennie’s second short film in less than a week. She recently appeared in an ad for Chanel, which appointed her a house ambassador in 2017.