Haley Lu Richardson Admits She Dresses Like Portia In Real Life

The White Lotus star has seen what everyone has to say about her fashion, and she does not care.

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It’s been only a week or so since season two of The White Lotus left a void in our Sunday nights, but the characters have left an indelible mark. Especially the ensembles of lamb in the woods, Portia. Portia’s looks this season were a frequent topic of discussion for their goofy SoCal aesthetic to whether they reflected something deeper about the character.

It turns out they were mostly reflecting something about actress Haley Lu Richardson, who had her closet raided in order to dress her up as Portia.

On December 12, she told Today, “Oh no, I’m scared to say this, because everyone thinks Portia’s clothes are ugly, but there were definitely some pieces I brought into it.”

Then on December 21, she revealed to fans who don’t watch daytime TV that she still dresses like Portia, posting an outfit on her Instagram Stories with the caption, “With a heavy heart I can confirm I dress identical to Portia in real life.”

In the picture, Richardson is in black crop top with white graphics, green cargo pants with a studded belt, and yes, a bucket hat. It’s crocheted. This does indeed resemble some of Portia’s greatest hits, though nothing can compare to her final scene at the Italian airport with a scarf wrapped around her baseball cap.

However, Richardson does not actually seemed ashamed of her fashion at all. She even told W Magazine in early December that she realized Portia’s aesthetic fit her personality.

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“I was like, ‘I actually love this.’ I was talking to [creator] Mike [White] about Portia and her desperation, this extreme desire to feel alive, to feel like life is giving something to her, like she has a purpose in the world. It would make sense that this messy desperation would be reflected in what she wears,” Richardson explained.

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A week later, she told Variety , “I feel like she is classically herself in the way she dresses, and how it connects to the person that she is on the inside, and the place that she’s at in her life...I just think that it’s very uniquely her — for better, or for worse.”

Is this all a hint that Richardson will soon have her own line at dELIA*S? For the Y2K lovers out there, we can only hope so.