Facebook and Instagram Are Down and Twitter Is Loving It

Three women on their cellphones, confused.
Photographer: Emma Summerton; Stylist: Giovanna Battaglia

Sometime shortly before noon on October 4th, 2021, the world was suddenly free of both their uncle’s latest conspiracy post and constant reminders that everyone else is both hotter and having more fun than them. Yes, both Facebook and Instagram (and other products from the Zuckerberg empire, including WhatsApp) went down. Details are scarce, though The New York Times reports that it’s likely an internal problem with Facebook’s servers.

Though, instead of using the outage of two of the world’s biggest social media networks as a chance to unplug or do actual work undistracted, many just logged into Twitter, the most popular non-Zuckerberg-controlled social network, to make fun of the problem. (Why tech monopolies can be worrying: Just imagine if Facebook owned Twitter, too.)

Even Facebook itself was forced to log on to its Twitter account to acknowledge the problem, and Twitter itself seemed to be reveling in the moment. Even their CEO Jack Dorsey got in on the fun. Though, many of us were left wondering if we could still remember our old Tumblr passwords or worrying about whether or not the Instagram DM convos we were in the middle of will survive the outage. Here, the best Twitter reactions to the great Facebook and Instagram outage of 2021.