Kendall Jenner Finally Has Her Own Product Line — She’s Making Tequila

Kendall Jenner posing in a neon green jumpsuit
Photo by Neil Mockford / Ricky Vigil M/GC Images

Each member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has their own signature business venture (or ventures plural). And while Kendall Jenner is a bonafide supermodel, working with Burberry, Calvin Klein, and landing on nearly every coveted magazine cover, she’s so far lacked individual product line like her famous sisters — until now. Get ready to toss back shots of Jenner’s Drink 818 tequila, handcrafted in Mexico.

Jenner announced her new drink on Instagram, revealing that the flagship tequila has been in the works for almost four years. In the process, she’s done “dozens of blind taste tests” and distillery trips, as well as entering her product anonymously into competitions (“and WINNING”). Jenner also shared a behind-the-scenes view of a taste test, which is obviously the part of her new venture. She pauses as she takes each sip, noting that one glass is stronger than the other, and chooses her own tequila as the better flavor.

It appears that Drink 818 will initially launch with three tequilas: a reposado, which is aged less than a year; an añejo, which is aged up to three years; and an añejo blanco, which is typically aged for under two months and is clear. The tequilas are all handcrafted in Jalisco, Mexico, and made from 100% blue agaves.

No word on when Drink 818 will launch — the brand’s official Instagram indicates that they are “coming soon.” Hopefully Jenner’s tequilas will be in stores by the time patio season arrives, so we can all enjoy margaritas with our loved ones this summer after we reach herd immunity.