Kim Kardashian’s Office Looks Exactly Like You Would Expect It To Look

Kim Kardashian
NINO/GC Images

When Kim Kardashian said, “Get your fucking ass up and work,” she wasn’t speaking hypothetically. The reality star recently shared an inside look of her workspace on Instagram and now, Kardashian’s controversial statement suddenly makes more sense, because any employee of Kardashian literally has no choice but to stand up...and work.

“You guys, I love my office,” Kardashian says in videos shared to her Instagram Stories and later immortalized on the TikTok account @kardashianicon. Kardashian credited designers Tommy Clements and Waldo Fernandez for decorating the space, along with the help of Michele Lamy, while giving a brief tour. At the moment, the office is filled with the businesswoman’s latest venture, SKKN by Kim. The neutral packaging of the products actually fit right into the office, which features earthy tones, a natural stone coffee table, and a minimalist wooden desk. The space is beautiful, and pretty much exactly what one would expect from Kardashian, but there is one aspect of the office that has the Internet doing a double take—the seating.

At Kardashian’s desk sit two metal chairs, uniquely shaped like triangles so that instead of a backrest, the armrests simply meet at a peak. While aesthetically, they’re attractive, the idea of sitting in them is perplexing. Nothing about the set of chairs seems comfortable, and it makes one wonder if anyone has ever dared to take a rest in one of them. Of course, you don’t need to take a seat if you’re getting your ass up to work.


Kardashian’s chair on the other side of the desk, meanwhile, is unique in itself. Made completely of wood, this one does seem suitable for sitting, but again, not necessarily inviting. A wooden chair means no chance for any give, nowhere to slouch back and relax after your third Zoom meeting of the day. Has Kardashian ever been do an OfficeMax before? Has she heard of a nice ergonomic chair that supports back health? Yeah, a Herman Miller isn’t cute, but it sure is comfy.


Of course, Kardashian has shown that, when it comes to interior design, form beats function, so this office is very much expected from the reality star. Plus, there’s no denying that it is a beautiful, serene space, which is surely nice to escape to after a stressful meeting. Though, a more comfortable chair would arguably be nicer.