Kristen Stewart Almost Made a Cameo in Scream 4

Kristen Stewart wearing a purple dress and scarf

One would think Kristen Stewart would jump at the chance to act alongside Neve Campbell, one of the celebrities who’s ever left her starstruck. But the Oscar nominee told Slant magazine earlier this week, she once turned down the opportunity to do just that. If the filmmakers behind Scream 4 had had their way, Stewart would have breathed new life into Casey Becker, the ill-fated character originally played by Drew Barrymore.

“They created a whole sequence where a lot of people got killed to emulate the Drew thing,” Stewart said. “But it was just going to be one person, and I was like, ‘I can’t do a Drew. I can’t touch that.’ Do you know what I mean? But, yeah, so then they ended up doing, if I’m remembering correctly, a larger sequence and not just one victim.” Ultimately, the crew settled for a cameo for a different Kristen, Kristen Bell, who was joined by Anna Paquin, Shenae Grimes, and Lucy Hale.

Stewart went on to share that she would “maybe” consider heading to Woodsboro somewhere done the line. “I would read the script,” she said. “I love Neve Campbell so much. She was very nice to me, and it was very satisfying that she’s a very nice person. I love that movie. I’ve watched it recently, as an adult though. It’s so gnarly. I love the movie because it loves movies…it’s so self-aware.” There’s just one drawback to the franchise: “It’s so hard to watch,” she continued. “I’m like, ‘I don’t have the stomach for that shit anymore.’ I was like, ‘Oh, man, this is very, very, very intense.’”