Lady Gaga Turned Into a Panther in Order to Play Black Widow Patrizia Gucci

Lady Gaga Jake Gyllenhaal
Michael Ostuni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

What won’t Lady Gaga do for a role? At this point, it seems absolutely nothing is off limits. The actress got drunk off fake alcohol, wrote a short biography of her character, and even completely embraced a whole other species to get into the right headspace for her scenes. At this point, it’s hard for Gaga to shock us no matter what she says, though it seems like she will never stop trying. During the actresses’ actors on actors discussion with Jake Gyllenhaal for Variety, Gaga once again opened up about the intense process she embarked on in order to play the black widow Patrizia in House of Gucci. This time, Gaga revealed she “studied animals” to get into the role, specifically three different types.

“I studied a house cat for the beginning of the film,” Gaga revealed to Gylenhaal during their conversation. “And then at the funeral, when she sees Al Pacino’s character, she suddenly turns into a fox because she’s hunting now.” Gaga admitted that before the scene, she watched foxes hunt and then did exercises in her hotel room where she “would be the animal.” When it came to the last scene of the movie, Gaga fittingly embraced another wild creature, a panther. “The panther moves slowly, but then when it kills its prey, it is really violent and it’s really ugly, and then after, it cries,” Gaga said, much like her character Patrizia.

The singer continued discussing her animal cosplay, explaining that it helped her “map the physicality of” Patrizia. It’s possible, though, that Gaga may have embraced her wild side a little too much during the movie’s production, that at leawould help explain those swarms of flies that followed her around during the last day on set.