Lana Del Rey and Jack Donoghue Stage the Hard Launch of the Summer

Lana Del Rey infront of a castle.
Photo by Ernesto S. Ruscio/Getty Images for Gucci

Leave it to Miss Americana herself, Lana Del Rey, to make an apparent relationship hard launch in front of a Chicago jail. Photos of the Honeymoon singer coupled up with Jack Donoghue, whom she’s been rumored to be dating throughout the summer, emerged on the later’s Instagram account this week. The revelation surely led to anyone who had an active Tumblr account in the early ‘00s to let out some sort of uncontrollable sound. While he’s not quite a household name like Del Rey, Donoghue is particularly infamous in certain circles as the lead singer of the pioneering witch house band Salem.

Del Rey was last publicly linked to retired police officer and television host Sean Larkin in 2020, and rumors she had struck up something with Donoghue began circulating in late May.

Donoghue was previously linked to none other than Courtney Love (the pair walked the red carpet of the amFAR gala hand-in-hand back in 2011). He’s also a longtime friend of NYC’s reigning ‘It’ girl Julia Fox. Their connection dates back years before Fox’s own brief fling with Kanye West. Donoghue also counts artists like Wolfgang Tillmans and Jeanette Hayes amongst his inner circle. Though, the internet is also littered with pictures of Donoghue kissing dudes. Donoghue hasn’t ever publicly addressed his orientation, so we’ll defer to Out magazine who ran the headline, “Lana Del Rey's Boyfriend Has Kissed Men & Biphobic Fans Are Losing It.”

Still, the alleged coupling makes a lot of sense. They’re both musicians who first found favor amongst hyper-online Millennial hipsters, and they both have matching “don’t give a fuck” attitudes. It’s sort of perfect.

The relationship likely isn’t one you’ll find regularly featured in the pages of Us Weekly, but we’re sure it will hold a special place in the heart of certain circles. Parts of twitter is already losing it.

With the Indie Sleaze revival failing to materialize as predicted, people who were actively wearing American Apparel Slim Slacks in 2011 desperately needed a win. Or at least a diversion. Here it is.