Lily Collins is Teaming Up with Her Husband for Netflix's New Psychological Thriller

Netflix's Windfall Lily Collins Jesse Plemons Jason Segel
Netflix © 2022

Lily Collins is leaving Paris and heading to her gorgeous vacation house with orange groves and a beautiful view, but there’s only one problem, someone else is there. In the trailer for Netflix’s, Windfall, Collins is joined by Jesse Plemons and Jason Segal in a quiet “Hitchcockian thriller” set in an oasis turned rotten.

The set up to Windfall seems simple, with Plemons, Collins, and Segal, getting the character names of CEO, Wife, and Nobody, respectively. As Plemons and Collins arrive to their second home, they find Segal there, robbing them. In a pinch, the less than confident Segal decides to take the couple hostage, and demand money for their release. As all three struggle to navigate the situation, more comes out about each player in the story: Plemon’s arrogance, the issues with his wife, and a possible past with Segal. The trailer ends in a swell of music as things seem to reach a violent head between the threesome.

Windfall is directed by Collins’ husband, Charlie McDowell, who also wrote the story with Segal. The movie premieres on Netflix on March 18th.