Lucia Ribisi’s Books For Lovers on Valentine’s Day


Fresh off designing the set of Hedi Slimane‘s Saint Laurent show in L.A., the self-described “teen artist” Lucia Ribisi, 19, was all ready to debut her latest zine, Slow Dissolve, at the L.A. Art Book Fair this weekend. It was a project close to her heart, a collection of love letters between her divorced parents (her father is the actor Giovanni Ribisi). “Unfortunately, it met with heartbreak at the last minute,” she said. “I pulled out the day after we sent it to the printer because my father changed his mind about consenting. I have to respect his body of work.” Instead, to mend what ails her, she says, “I’m spending this torturous Valentine’s weekend finding other books to obsess over.” Here are the arty publications from the book fair that has her on the rebound.


“At Blonde Art Books, the booth I’m most excited about at the fair: Words With Love, an ongoing project by women who have come together to engage voice, activism, and heart in the form of greeting cards.”

Photo of card by Jill Magid, courtesy of Blonde Art Books.


Roses, by Jason Roberts Dorin. Better than fake flowers, this love won’t leave.”

Photo courtesy of Golden Spike Press.


“Australia-based artist Rural Ranga quit his low-paying job at MoMA to focus full time on his art, which is now funded by giving ‘massages with happy endings.’ He has a book, Wank Bank, full of drawings about his experience. Looks like an honest portrayal of modern sex work from an unexpected perspective, complemented by beautifully drawn studies of men in the act. He also just released Colour a Lover: The Online Dating Activity Book, and there will be a signing on Sunday. Definitely a man worth meeting.”

Photo by Lucia Ribisi.


“How about just Love Your Mother?”

Photo by Lucia Ribisi


“At the Printed Matter booth, meditate on your relationship to casual sex with this queer coloring book.”

Photo by Lucia Ribisi.


“Or just come for the Breasts.”

Photo by Lucia Ribisi


Hackney Kisses by Steven Gill at Printed Matter. Found Photos (accidentally purchased on eBay) of London’s East Enders on their wedding days.”

Photo courtesy of Nobody Books.


“What happens when you ask thousands of Instagram followers for applications to have sex with you? Scope Autre Magazine’s SEXTAGRAM zine by Soko.”

Photo courtesy of Autre.


F Magazine’s table was seemingly full of books I wouldn’t be able to get over, including Aura Rosenberg’s Headshots — photos of men making their orgasm face. Love this awkward but interesting exploration through the female gaze.”

Photo courtesy of Aura Rosenberg.


“If you’re a stress eater, get into this HOT queer punk food mag.”

Photo courtesy of Mouthfeel.


“Or, if you’re not into books, you can just comb this dog.”

Photo by Lucia Ribisi.