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Mia Goth Stars In Neon’s Mind-Bending Infinity Pool Trailer

Goth is on a roll.

Mia Goth in the Infinity Pool trailer

Mia Goth is on a roll. After starring in Ti West’s X trilogy (Pearl, X and the forthcoming MaXXXine), the actress has the lead role in Brandon Cronenberg’s Infinity Pool, which looks to be a mind-bending take on a vacation gone wrong.

The first trailer for Infinity Pool opens with a vibe that’s eerily similar to White Lotus, as novelist James (Alexander Skarsgård) and his rich wife Em (Cleopatra Coleman) enjoy a luxe vacation at a mysterious resort, including dinner with the seductive woman named Gabi (Goth). But when James accidentally kills a man in a car accident, he learns that he will be sentenced to death ...unless he can afford the creation of a doppelgänger that will take the punishment for him.

The ensuing clip shows a creepy world of violence, in line with the sort of body horror films Cronenberg’s director father David is best known for.

Infinity Pool will premiere at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah before hitting theaters nationwide shortly after on January 27th. Check out the first trailer, below:

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