North West Has Strong Opinions on the Infamous Kardashian West Home

Photo: @kimkardashian.

We all know that kids’ brains aren’t fully developed and consequently, they lack an internal monologue. That still doesn’t stop them from saying some very mean things, particularly when they get in trouble for misbehaving. Even Kim Kardashian West has to deal with it, and she just revealed that the oldest of the brood, North West, has one particular comeback that cuts deep: North goes after the family’s famously white monochrome minimal monastery art project house. Ouch!

“Every time I get into some kind of disagreement with my daughter North— she thinks this is a dig to me,” Kim recently said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, “she’ll say ‘Your house is so ugly. It’s all white. Who lives like this?’” North has evidently zeroed in on one of Kim’s soft spots, and she admitting that “[North] just thinks it like, gets to me. And it is kinda mean because I like my house.”

Some children really do have a sixth sense for picking out others’ insecurities. Just ask anyone who was bullied in school. Obviously, North isn’t bullying her mom, but Kim is right, it is kinda mean. Now, if this was our mom, our mouths would be threatened with picante as she menacingly peeled her chancleta off her foot, but every family is different. North might not need Supernanny-level intervention for her backtalk, but watch this space: she might decide to decorate her teenage bedroom with goth band posters ripped out of magazines, just to spite her mom’s aesthetic sensibilities.